Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plantar Fa.........tis

It's agony when the feet hurts.
Each time Aloysius, Eric, YF or even Henry send the sms to ask who will be going to trek bukit tabur, or elsewhere. I hate it when i have to answer I can't go, because the pain on my feet has not improved, if i say yes, it will means more pain after the trek.

And so
a series of self help started me finding out the remedy in hope to reduce the pain, it helped to a certain extend, but it was futile as well when the pain came back.

Many visits to the doctor were done.

After many consultations, it seemed to me like it was a trial & error exercise by the doctors in finding the real situation.

Finally he said, " your conditions point to Plantar Fa.......tis"

Tan agnes : "What is that ? Dr. "
Dr. A : " It's a condition of the feet due to stress ........or........tear.......or spur........or....aging....."
Tan agnes : " I need a reference letter Dr., to see the specialist, will satisfy only till further investigate is done."

once home......
husband asked : " what did the doctor said ?"

Tan agnes : " I remember he said something like plantar................sound like planta margerine !! "

Feeling great despite answered no to the invites to trek.

AT LEAST, I remember one word out of the two that the doctor had said.

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