Monday, November 26, 2007

Bukit Ulu Semangko Kuala Kubu Baru

Everyone said it was a successful trip, I don't know if any disagree.

That's how it was at the end of day,
some were with soiled butt, some shoes were full of mud,
never mind the soiled butt or shoes with mud,
most agreed everyone was having a swelled time & most fun.


The proud parents of those first timer to Bukit Semangko has this to say

" We want to say a big thank you, the children especially.

" You make our eyes glitters with pride and our hearts swell with sweetness, your success is not only scaling to the peak, but still high spirited at the foothill. "

" You are little champions. "

" My worries and anxieties were unfounded and now we think, at the rate they are are going, and the consistency as well as the way they accept the challenge for new terrains, in no time, we will be the one who trail behind them. "

"Go for it, keep up the excellent sporty spirit children."

" when i hear the children's laughter and see the way they take this challenge, it spurs my determination to finish the track. "

Regain your strength, and there is some more training trips lining up.................

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mt Kinabalu Climb : Training

Join us for training during the December school holiday, below are the informations

Every Tuesday & Thursday except when there is out-station trip

Starting Time: 7.00am -7.15 am,

Venue to Meet : Klang Gate foothill

either Bukit Tabur MR1 or Bukit Tabur MR2