Monday, November 2, 2009

Parents To Learn When Children Are Grown Up

My friend, Aloysius shared a forward email on how to live life when children are grown up as adult, did a re-translation.


1. Overly concerned about adult children, will start us on annoying chatters, being subjected to parents's worry & hearing babbles is what adult children need least.

2. To the adult children, it's annoying when parents acting as guardian angel over them, just like they were underaged.


3.Parents should always ask themselves, is there really a need to know nitty gritty details and everything of adult children ? or is it better to respect their privacy, letting them learn in their own decision-making.

4. Let the adult children raise their own children, after you have raised yours, do enjoy all of them, but go on to enrich your own life with friends in other social circles.


5. Having a hobby, in writing, painting, sports & exercise, or singing, and being creative is better than living a life of complaint and boredom.

6. Appreciate and be thankful of what adult children do to please you.


7. Avoid any tangles in dispute between children and grandchildren.

8. If you have a sickness, find a way to get well, if the pain persists,consult a doctor, if the pain doesn't go away, be patient to find a solution.


9. Always appreciate children's effort to get near to you, being skeptical will not build relationship, for skepticism drives people out of your life.


10. Have unweavering faith to see there is always a better future & be happy about it.


If each of the above is 10 marks for each , and 10 x 10 equals 100, hope you will score high marks for yourself to be happy.

-- advisor unknown --

How true, common sense advices, but yet so easily overlook...

Letting go of the children to live their own life to face challenges is what we must do......

and live our portion of gift of life blessed to us positively seem to be the answer.

look like best not to annoy way or another.

OOooo, now, it's old man's turn to hold peace.

Emmmm, this make sense.