Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bukit Tabur : Fatal Accident , Where ??? Part 1

We went up to Bukit Tabur, putting up some signs to warn people Accidents Can Happen To Anyone, Please Be Careful At All Times when trekking in Bukit Tabur.

We noticed that there are new markings in numbers on selected location, which was done by others.

It is a good work done as identification of these places will be good and needful especially during rescue operation.

Marking of several spots in numbers will definately allow rescuers to talk in the same frequency refering to the same subject, as time is always essence in responding to call for help.

We want to identify the possible danger spot which the two specialists from Ampang Puteri hospital Kuala Lumpur fell, in the hope that we can bring awareness to others, to prevent further mishaps from happening.

Passed the first rope, almost reaching second rope, we passed by burned bushes, there were different burning spots in the nearby area.

We were on the look out already for possible danger spots that could have caused the fall.

There were burned spots on the slope

there were burning spots on flat ground nearby the slope

Who could have burn the bushes from on top of the mountain ?

Or it could be burning spots lighted up by the rescue team to alert the hoovering helicopter which was sent to scout for the fall victims.

On second thoughts, surely the helicopter and rescuer would have used much more sophisticated /canggih tele-communication tools in the search & rescue effort.

What am I talking about ?

which is which, we don't exactly know.

Passed the burned bushes, just round the corner, we came to the location of the second rope.

Searching around for clues, Eric decided to go down the second rope.

And he suspected something amiss at one of the spot.

We will consult & discuss on the possible situations with others before we do another posting on it later.

To be continued.......

Dr Haliza Mohd Shafiee, 53, and Dr Amin Tai Yen Ming Abdullah, 57

News on 2 Missing Doctors found dead in http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news

TWO doctors were close friends and often went jungle trekking together.

But last Wednesday, their adventure ended in tragedy.

Dr Haliza Mohd Shafiee, 53, and Dr Amin Tai Abdullah alias Tai Yen Ming, 57, were reported missing by their families last Wednesday after they embarked on yet another trekking trip that morning.......

this was latest tragedy & fatal accident in Bukit Tabur, Klang Gate Kuala Lumpur.

Monday, March 30, 2009

2醫生證實失足墜谷, 臥屍谷底

Thanks For Dropping By

I am now walking like chopsticks made from bamboo.

Ability to edge my feet forward is no more than 6-8 inches wide,

Ability to lift up legs is within the range 2-4 inches high,

Ability to squat is zero,

If need be, can manage by bending forward 30 degrees to 45 degrees and successfully tilt to 90 degrees in sharp angle.

Getting up after sitting is torturing.

Sleep is disturbed,

with dreams filled with sights of mud puddles,

with feelings like dragging feet out of mud puddles,

even though my jelly knees are firmly locked on two pillows on comfy bed.

Sorry !! There won't be postings until further notice, thanks for dropping by.

Have been trekking for 22 hours in the past 48 hours in , Gunung Yong Blar borders of Perak/Kelantan on March 28-29 , 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Millet Backpacks

While training for another expedition, the similar pain that was caused by the previous backpack I was carrying to Gunung Tahan returned, at the same spot on the back and shoulder, despite that the trip was done 6 months ago.

No one would like the pain to persist and so there is a need to look for a solution and change the trekking backpack.

According to Mr. Ng of who operates a outdoor adventures shops, Lafuma in Bangsar

Whether the back pack you have choosen is suitable for you,

you need to put a load

and simulate it

and with trial and error

only you will find the best position and a proper bag that fits your anatomy.

Besides that, suitablity of the trekking bag you are looking for also depends on the the places you are going & the number of days an outing is.

As for me,
A backpack that takes the weight I am able to carry

durable, functionable, not too costly will be my choice.

Among all other reasons, most of all, the design must fits the anatomy which doesn't cause pain to shoulder & back.

testing.....the Millet Backpack, accordingly, Millet is the sister brand of Lafuma.

Let me try Gunung Yong Blar, at the border of Perak/Pahang/Kelantan this week.

The result of my visit to Lafuma in Bangsar, the solution and concept of 45 litre Millet Backpack to my need was sold and bought.

The weight we tried out : 12 kg.
Average weight I am to carry : 8 to 10 kg.

Design, he said LD Odesse 45 liter is specially made for women trekkers.

Mr. Ng, you are really a good and convincing businessman.

but will see how this backpack will alleviate my problem.

Next change : Is the Millet Backpack suitable for me ???

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gunung Benum Pahang Malaysia Part 4

Continued From Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum Pahang, Malaysia Part 3

The text of this expedition in blue is original writting of Dr. Hamdan

The Descent
On the third day, we had early breakfast so that our potters can pack up early to descend for ten hours. The rain slowed us down; I slipped down the cliff only to be stopped by the bushes and regained my strength to pull myself up back to the track. Someone pulled my backpack up, only to know how heavy it was. Descending in the rain on slippery mud track was no fun, and we took twelve hours to reach the first river crossing where the 4WD were waiting. By then it was dark and cold, everybody shivering, some sneezing from the cold. we reached Sg.Chalit by nine at night, changed to dry clothes and headed for a small stall for food. I reached home nearly midnight; it was raining all the way from Sg.Chalit to Bentong to KL. What a day, but what adventure we had.
. .
Our fingers and palms were all bruised from gripping rattan trees or caught in them by accident...ouch. It really hurts. And the worst were the leeches. They were everywhere. Even when washing the backpacks, my maid found ten of them stuck inside the pack. Why didn’t I see them … I don’t know. There are 15 leech marks on my feet now – very itchy.

Given what we have been through, all I can summarize is that, the trek is challenging. Had it not been for the rain, it would have been a little comforting at night and during trekking. Other than that it was real adventure. No doubt tough, but more fun than Gunung Tahan.

Ada nice comfy bed, you choose to sleep under flysheet in the rain.

Talibisyen besar besar, anything National Geography ada, you choose to be bruised by the rotan.

Air-cond rumah cangih-cangih, temperature bolih regulate, you choose to shiver and sneezed in cold,

balik komplain 15 leech marks on your feet,

and Dr. Hamdan, you sum up the Gunung Benum trip as

" it was real adventure. No doubt tough, but more fun than Gunung Tahan. "

....To be continued in Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum Pahang Part 5....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gunung Benum Pahang Malaysia Part 3

..........Continued from Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum, Pahang Part 2

The text of this expedition in blue is original writting of Dr. Hamdan

Four persons were under the flysheet; seven under the second flysheet, three in one tent a few meters away at a slightly lower elevation ( we were on a sloping terrain), and our potters and cook under a separate flysheet next to the seven flysheet.

After dinner, rain kept coming. We used the flysheet runoff as rain harvest into our spare bottles. This saves us from going down the cliff edge to the river for water fifteen metres down. We used this water to wash our dishes and brush our teeth before settling in. With the rain and wind blowing through, it was difficult to sleep as our sleeping bags were getting soaked. I don’t think anybody that night had a good sleep. Everyone was too exhausted after dinner that hardly any conversation took place.
Next morning, the five persons from Cheras decided that they had enough. The thought of carrying three litres of water each to last for two days, and trekking thirteen hills up and down for another ten hours puts them off completely. And they decided to descend. It means that we have to sacrifice one of the potters to bring them down to the river crossing where the 4WD would be waiting to bring you down the mountain, about an hour back to Sg.Chalit, the small town where we started. But they descended despite pleas from Wong that we are short of one porter. The rest decided to continue. I ended up with a twenty-two kg pack after the three litres were added. And to trek uphill for another ten hours? Phew...

The trek from first camp onwards was rougher than going up G.Tahan. At least Tahan is well defined, though muddy, and it is only one gradient up. Here, you kept walking up and down peaks thinking when it will end. But it did. After four-and-half hours, we stopped for lunch, and continued for another four hours to the peak. Better than expected of ten hours. At places, because of fallen logs, the passage between the huge log and the ground barely fitted your trunk. So we had to dismount our packs and let it pass through first, then crawled through to clear. My last count for this type of going through was ten places. Those fallen trees are so huge that to go over the top would risk slipping and down the cliff. Scary mate. It was such a jubilation when reaching the summit. Now that we are "otai" already. One up than the group that chicken out. But the camping area is slightly below the summit; very small flat patch (which you may have observed from the photo) but managed to fit everyone. Once again, it was sleeping with the rain belting down; wet sleeping bags and loss of sleep. It was really tiring. Once again, nobody talked after dinner - just too tired.

Sad I didn't go...,
Miss out all the fun.

Glad I didn't go,
You have the previleges of holding records in experiencing the leeches.

To all of you for braved out to the peak, will join you for another mountain, when I am more fit.

....To be Continued Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benom Pahang Malaysia Part 4...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gunung Benum Pahang Malaysia Part 2

....Continued from Part 1..

Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum in Pahang, Malaysia

The text of this expedition in blue is original writting of Dr. Hamdan

Trekking up Gunung Benum is three times tougher than Gunung Tahan.Despite three days of trekking and sleeping in the rain, we managed to reach the peak, leaving half the group that gave up the following morning as we were conquering the summit. The trail looked as though it was last used more than a year ago; we had to cut our way through most times with many rattan and uprooted trees that blocked our way.Now I have a clearer picture of what was once a trail used by the communists.
The trip was planned by Mr. Wong and his wife Rosalind and I was invited to join this exclusive 15 members group. Partly due to food constraint and the other is of course accommodation in either tents or under flysheets which the porters could carry. Initially I was quite reluctant since it was a well known fact that this G.Benum is one of the toughest trekking trail known. Being a black area, it was opened up after the communist surrender in 1990. Hence, most of the tracks that are found inside this mountain used to be walking trails between stations for the communists. My first thoughts were that we might stumble on some undiscovered booby traps, and you can guess what that might do.

When Rosalind told me that the whole package would be undertaken by our usual organizer, a customs officer and a few assistants, I was relieved. That means we do not have to carry our own food or tents, except for water. Water supply is limited to our first night camp site only. From there we have to carry water for ourselves and about a litre each to be reserved for our meals at the summit.In that way, our cook won't be burdened with carrying water for two meals for 15 persons.

Super vehicle on a waterhighway

The Ascent

The trek would take two nights of camping; first day and the next at the summit, and the third day is all the way down. We spent five hours uphill to get to the base camp at the available water point. Trouble was, our guide, being there about a year ago, could not initially find the starting point since it has overgrown so much in one year. Thus we spent searching from the waterfall after crossing the river, a nylon line that was left there. From there the guide cut his way through the overgrown rattan and other undergrowths to make it easier for us to follow through. Half the time we are right at the cliff edge, down below is a one hundred metre drop to the river. The footpath was slippery (it was raining) and very soft, that everyone was sliding all over the place. By the time we reached the water point, it was drizzling heavily and dark. Mr Wong decided that we should stop here rather than let the porters carry extra water for the night's meals and the following day meals for fifteen people to a camp site another two hours up. What a good decision making that was.

To be Continued.............. Gunung Benum Pahang Part 3

From the writting of Dr Hamdan, it's easy to understand why he said climbing Gunung Benum is 3 x tougher than climbing Gunung Tahan.

It looks like he did the ASEND like The SUPERMAN !!!!, never stop to catch his breathe like his never stop in entry for his no paragraphing journal.

it was obvious too I have a 3 x difficulty level reading.

Apa mau buat, mata sudah kelabu !

....To Be Continued Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum Pahang, Malaysia Part 3...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gunung Benum, Pahang Malaysia Part 1

Walking up Melawati Hill training for another trek, met Dr Hamdan who has just returned from Gunung Benum ( March 16, 2009 ) in Pahang.

"So how ? Gunung Benum"

"tough la, rained non stopped, the entire journey. "

" the hills are rolling, goodness gracious, felt like it's like climbing Gunung Nuang 9 to 10 times within the 3 days. "

" the last time the mountain guide came was a year ago, the overgrowth has covered the path. but he was good, went before us, chopped the bushes, then we moved ahead. "

" We were lost for half an hour before getting back to the intended trail."

" The camp site is so narrow and sloppy, we slept, slided down, moved up the sleeping site to slept, slided down, slept, slided down again... it was dangerous. "

" the best part was we realised the two sides are cliffs !!! "

" the place is not suitable for big crowd "

" My sleeping bag was wet, it added weight to the overpacked backpack I was carrying, 23-25 kilogram. "

" First night i slept 2 hours, second night slept 2 hours. "

" the ground was so soft, at some places, we sat down & slided our way."

" lots of crawling under the trees. "

" There were Sooooooooooooooooooo many leeches, I was pulling them one after another, sometimes, 10 to 15 at one go...."

" The leeches were sticking on my raincoat too."

" Rosalind your know, HAHA.. she was busy, hahaha...haha... hahaha.....

" my goodness, she was busy.... taking away the leeches........... "

" the pitcher plants, they are as big as my head, beautiful, superbly beautiful. "

" When my maid washed my backpack at home, she was screaming on top of her voice.....there was no less than 10 leeches stuck unto different parts of my dirty trekking backpack. "

So, the above was the experience from Dr. Hamdan, always, and at all times, a hilariuos company to be with, & good trekking buddy whichever trek we go.

" tough la, but it was fun "

When he say tough, no one should open his mouth to say otherwise.

This is the same man who cycled with his friends to Kota Bahru, Kelantan from Kuala Lumpur recently.

Upon reaching childhood home in Kota Bahru, his mother asked...

" mano kreto ? "

all he did was,...................

....... smiled

" datang menonggang aje..."

"Apo ? "

" basikal !! "

and she nearly fainted.

.....To Be Continued...Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum Pahang Malaysia Part 2

Trekking Photos : Courtesy of Dr. Hamdan

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Someone Cut Off The Rope

We trekked up Bukit Tabur this morning

While we trekked past the location of First Rope, we saw the enhanced rope ( IN STRIPES OF RED & BROWN ) that we tied up to the main rope ( IN GREEN ) on february 14, 2009.

to help prevent accidents at the cliff,

It was there just barely one month, now it has been cut off from the main rope.

When was it cut off ??? we don't exactly know !!!

Why do this someone wants to do this ? has he a reason for doing so ?

Who could have done that ?

We have no idea.

It seems less likely that the rope was cut by the rock as the frays were so even, the rest of the entire rope is still neat & strong,

Looking at the cut rope hanging in the air in between the rock, we thought to ourselves,

well, the rope as a safety measure can be cut off, but who can cut off the care you exercise when climbing down the cliff.

Happy Trekking

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Flower Blooms, Is For A Moment

The housing estates are bursting with beautiful flowers of many colors.

One of my favorite is the Golden Yellow Shower Tree ( it's also called Yellow Shower, Indian Laburnum)

In Mandarin, it's called 阿勃勒 La chang shu.

Botanical name : Cassia fistula

It's English name 英名:Golden Shower TreeYellow Shower, Indian Laburnum

Japanese name 日名:Nanban saikachiナンバンサイカチ、アボツロク、ゴールデンシャワー


Nanban saikachi is used as an ornamental and shade tree around houses; on the edges of

roads; and in the streets, parks, and gardens of towns.


,普遍種植於全球熱帶及亞熱帶區, 作為庭園樹及行道樹。果實可食用及藥用,葉片是銀紋淡黃蝶幼蟲的食餌。

The sweet pulp is used as a mild laxative. An infusion of the fruit is used to dissolve kidney stones.

The wood is used for firewood in rural areas. The wood is hard, heavy, strong, and durable;

and is used for poles and handles for farming implements and in cabinet-making and


The bark is used to tan hides.

It is the national flower of Thailand, and is called Dok Khuen

It is the state flower of the Kerala in India, locally known as kanikkonna.

It is the beautiful flower tree that brightens up the sometimes grey sky in Malaysia

- [ (KASS-ee-uh) from an ancient Greek name Kasia used by Dioscorides; (FIST-yoo-luh) hollow, tube-like ]
Synonyms: Bactyrilobium fistula Willd. • Cassia bonplandiana DC. • Cassia excelsa Kunth • Cassia fistuloides Colladon • Cassia rhombifolia Roxb. • Cathartocarpus excelsus G.Don
Family: Fabaceae (pea, or legume family)
- [ (fab-AY-see-ay) the Faba (broad bean) family, (formerly Leguminosae) ]

Common names of Cassia fistula:
Chinese: 阿勃勒 A bo le (Taiwan), La chang shu
Danish: Roerkassia
Dutch: Kassie
English: Cassia, Cassia pods, Cassia Stick Tree, Golden Rain, Golden shower, Golden shower tree, .Indian laburnum. Pudding pipe tree, Pudding-pine tree (Thailand), Purging cassia, Purging fistula
French: Bâton casse, Canéficier, Casse, Casse fistuleuse, Cassier, Douche d'or, Faux caroubier, Kas dous (Creole - Caribbean)
German: Indischer Goldregen, Röhrenkassie, Roehrenkassie, Rohrenkassie
Hindi: अमलतास Amaltas , bendra lathi, dhanbaher, dhanbohar
Japanese: Nanban saikachi
Italian: Cassia
Laotian: Khoun
Malayalam: Vishu konnai
Manipuri: Chahui
Marathi: बहावा Bahava
Nepalese: Amaltash, Rajbriksya
Norwegian: Kasja
Portuguese: Cássia
Spanish: Cañafístula, Cassia purgante, Casia fistula, Laburno de la India, Lluvia dorada, Lluvia de oro
Tamil: கொன்ற Konrai
Thai: Koun
and, unknown: Butor, canafistula, Casse-Habitant, Casse Espagnole, Cassie, ch'ang kuo tzu shu, chacara, gouden regen, Guayaba Cimarrona, gurmala, kachang kayu, Kaisai, kallober, Kas, keyok, klober, klohur, samyaka, sember hiyari agaci.

Looking at the research done to name this plant, indeed there are many names to call this same flower tree...

...depending on which country and languages.....

Can anyone claims that they own the right to name it ?

No, It should not be so !

Does it mean the properties of the flowers and the tree will reduce its value if another called it by the same name ?

I doubt so !

Let the flower tree be a sight of beauty ,

Let it shows a bursting of life to all.

Let it exudes the natural fragrance for all who appreciates it,

Flower blooms is but for a moment,

Let it be called the same name or by any other names.

- Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database
- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Note: Identification or description may not be accurate; it is subject to your review.