Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bukit Tabur : Fatal Accident , Where ??? Part 1

We went up to Bukit Tabur, putting up some signs to warn people Accidents Can Happen To Anyone, Please Be Careful At All Times when trekking in Bukit Tabur.

We noticed that there are new markings in numbers on selected location, which was done by others.

It is a good work done as identification of these places will be good and needful especially during rescue operation.

Marking of several spots in numbers will definately allow rescuers to talk in the same frequency refering to the same subject, as time is always essence in responding to call for help.

We want to identify the possible danger spot which the two specialists from Ampang Puteri hospital Kuala Lumpur fell, in the hope that we can bring awareness to others, to prevent further mishaps from happening.

Passed the first rope, almost reaching second rope, we passed by burned bushes, there were different burning spots in the nearby area.

We were on the look out already for possible danger spots that could have caused the fall.

There were burned spots on the slope

there were burning spots on flat ground nearby the slope

Who could have burn the bushes from on top of the mountain ?

Or it could be burning spots lighted up by the rescue team to alert the hoovering helicopter which was sent to scout for the fall victims.

On second thoughts, surely the helicopter and rescuer would have used much more sophisticated /canggih tele-communication tools in the search & rescue effort.

What am I talking about ?

which is which, we don't exactly know.

Passed the burned bushes, just round the corner, we came to the location of the second rope.

Searching around for clues, Eric decided to go down the second rope.

And he suspected something amiss at one of the spot.

We will consult & discuss on the possible situations with others before we do another posting on it later.

To be continued.......


Andy said...

Hi there.. I assume those burnt bushes might be from lightning strikes?

The trekker, agnes said...

Hi Andy, the answer can be found here


Mesa Car Accident said...

Brilliant! I hope they use this technique for all trails. It would really be easier for rescuers to respond when help is needed.