Friday, March 27, 2009

Millet Backpacks

While training for another expedition, the similar pain that was caused by the previous backpack I was carrying to Gunung Tahan returned, at the same spot on the back and shoulder, despite that the trip was done 6 months ago.

No one would like the pain to persist and so there is a need to look for a solution and change the trekking backpack.

According to Mr. Ng of who operates a outdoor adventures shops, Lafuma in Bangsar

Whether the back pack you have choosen is suitable for you,

you need to put a load

and simulate it

and with trial and error

only you will find the best position and a proper bag that fits your anatomy.

Besides that, suitablity of the trekking bag you are looking for also depends on the the places you are going & the number of days an outing is.

As for me,
A backpack that takes the weight I am able to carry

durable, functionable, not too costly will be my choice.

Among all other reasons, most of all, the design must fits the anatomy which doesn't cause pain to shoulder & back.

testing.....the Millet Backpack, accordingly, Millet is the sister brand of Lafuma.

Let me try Gunung Yong Blar, at the border of Perak/Pahang/Kelantan this week.

The result of my visit to Lafuma in Bangsar, the solution and concept of 45 litre Millet Backpack to my need was sold and bought.

The weight we tried out : 12 kg.
Average weight I am to carry : 8 to 10 kg.

Design, he said LD Odesse 45 liter is specially made for women trekkers.

Mr. Ng, you are really a good and convincing businessman.

but will see how this backpack will alleviate my problem.

Next change : Is the Millet Backpack suitable for me ???


twin said...

leng lui,
u haven't tell ur readers how was the bag ohh..

The trekker, agnes said...

oh, u follow this posting, haha, we went back to Lafuma just two days ago. Bought another unit of LD odyssey 45 & one the latest design expert series preparing for an upcoming trek during the Merdeka holiday.

My unit ( Odyssey ) bought in March 27, 09 was hijacked and taken by my daughter to US last week.

Millet backpack rocks

Et. said...

Just got the exact same backpack last week, the Millet LD Odyssey 45. It is indeed designed for female smaller's body frame. One good pack, nice colour too!

The trekker, agnes said...

Hei, gimme a high five, Nice !!