Thursday, March 12, 2009

How To Be An Overcomer

Brought home an almost riped bitterguord from the wet market.

For a few days, it was on the kitchen table.

The color of the ripen fruit was evenly spread out, it was so pretty.

I refused to cut them into pieces for cooking of any sort.

For the next few days, i was so obsessed with it, observing how it changed its physical appearance from day to day.

Frying the bitterguord in hot oil, it will be dry & crisp.

Going through hot pot of troubles in life, isn't that will it dry up the bitter tears ?

Boiling bitterguord in soup, the bitterness of the guord will change from bitter to sweet, the longer the guord is boiled, the sweeter the soup will taste.

Isn't it the more fiery testing one goes through, the better result it will be on the softness in the human's harden heart ?

Troubles, changes, testings and challenges do have an impact on a person, and his/her life.

Some go through troubles so severe that their wrinkles become permanent on them like the look of the bitterguord !!

Some couldn't take changes from their comfort zone that they allow themselves to be paralysed by fear & their ability to adjust to changes.

Others take testing so bad that they sing " The End Of The World " non stop.

But how do we overcome troubles, changes, testings & challenges exactly ?

Bittergourd can be eaten in many ways, raw as bitterguord juice, boil as soup, stir fry with spare ribs, stew with black bean, curried the guord with spices, fry bitterguord with noodles, stuff the guord with meat and fish in between, you will get Bitterguord Yong Tau Foo,...etc...etc...

As many are the ways to eat bitterguord, so are the many ways to taste the bitter taste of life.

As many are the recipes to eat bitterguord, so are the many ways to overcome troubles, testings and challenges in life.

Nevertheless, a time tested way is always.........

facing it first with a smiling face, just like the look of this bitterguord.

I am reminded myself, whenever changes/challenges comes my way, big or small, hard or tall, I am to smile like the ripen bitterguord.

Troubles, testings and challenges in life will not go away just by smiling,

until and unless

we see life in bigger scenario and wider perspectives

and choose to be An Overcomer in any situation.

Now the is reason is out, why the bitterguord was spared from the fire and the hot oil,

despite being bitter and raw, he put himself in bigger scenario & wider perspective and...

smiled the best smile !!!!

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