Monday, January 18, 2010

What Choices Do I Have In Life : Episode 5

Episode 5 of 5

We found this during our back packing trip to Southern Thailand in December 2009.

How she ended up inside, What species does she belongs to ? what choice does she has, we wondered ?

If I could, I would want to open the cage, release her, and let her fly, but that was wishful thinking.

The anguish of being trapped, caged and made to stay where it doesn't belongs.

Who are you ? I asked.

A dish to be served ? a pet to be kept ?

What choices does life give you ? more wonders !!!!!

There Is No Choice In Life For Me : Episode 4

Episode 4 of 5

There is no choice in life for me.
Why is that so ?

When did you last saw your family.
I don't know but I was happy, very happy.

You were happy before ?
Yes I do.

Why are you unhappy ?
I don't know.

How you can come to this state ?
I don't know ?

Sure you said there is choice in life.
No, there isn't.

Who are you ?
I don't know.

The Life In The Flesh : Episode 3

Episode 3 of 5

Is there hope in life ?
There isn't !!

Why there isn't ?
I don't know

How long have you been like that ?
I don't know ?

What did you do ?
I cry.

What else do you do ?
I prayed

You did that ?

What happened to your peers.
I don't know

So you are on your own, crying & praying ?
I think so.

Who are you ?
I don't know.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Life In The Flesh : Episode 2

Episode 2 of 5

Can life be that simple ?
I think surely no.

Isn't life is more than eating & drinking & sleeping
I am not sure.

Does what happens around you has anything to do with you ?
I am not sure.

Did you fight the evil that happens to you ?
I think so.

On injustice, how do you take it ?
I don't know.

There are people against injustice.
Is that so ?

There is still good percentage of people knowing right from the wrong.
Really ?

Can you see there are actually people who wants to help & hope for a better living for you ?
Surely I saw.

who are you ?
I don't know.

Choices In Life & It's Episode 1

Episode 1 of 5

In life there are choices available.
there is ?

What are they ?
You want to know ?

are you sure there is ?

What makes you say there isn't ?
I don't know.

What is happening outside your life ?
I don't know.

How come ?
I don't know.

What has become ?
I don't know.

Are you aware ?
I don't know.

So what now ?
I don't know

Who are you ?
I don't know.


Note : There are many episodes in life.