Monday, April 27, 2009

Promote Safe Trekking Through T Shirt

Safe Trekking should be observed any mountains, this time around, we are promoting it for Bukit Tabur.

Get one if you want.

Whether you wear this T-shirt or not, safe trekking is a must when you enjoy a mountain.

There are two designs available,

V Neck

Specification for V-Neck

1) front view, color almost near to Pantone color formula guide 532 U
2) back view
3) Printed with Trek Safely visit
4) Micro-fiber material, neat stitching
5) Rubberised printing

Round Neck

Specification for Round-Neck

1) Front view, color almost near to Pantone color formula guide 5615 U
2) back view
3) Printed with Trek Safely visit
4) Micro-fiber material, neat stitching.
5) Rubberised printing

Part of the proceed will go towards conservation of Bukit Tabur

for more details & information, kindly write to

Friday, April 17, 2009

What Is The Meaning Of Respect

Walking up the hill in the neighbourhood, a very senior retired government servant wanted to walk with me, first casually asking me how I was.

“ fine, thank you “

“ The association we formed to champion our cause..…….. it is legal now. “

“ O “

“ We have gone through quite a lot to get to where we are “

“O “

“ there is a lawyer assisting us…….”

“O “

“ Now we are a registered association and there are many things we planned to do “

“O “

“ First we will do this….”

“O “

“ then, we will do this…”

“O “

“ Following that it will be this …..”

“O “

And our plan wil be this….

“ O “

“ We will also extend our work to Bukit Tabur….”

“ O “

“ I heard someone said you have a blog on Bukit Tabur “

“ O, Ya “

“ Have you heard about there were doctors who fell there ?

“ Ya “

“ and they were dead “

“ Ya “

“ Bukit tabur is such a dangerous place !

“ Ya “

“ And the thing is that male and female should not go together climbing up the hill

“ O Ya ? “

“ what do you think “

“ ya “

“ No, I asked what do you think ?

“ O sorry, I didn’t hear what you ask

“ yes, I am asking what do you think ?

“ O, you want to know what I think, how about this ? I am interested to hear what you think, then I tell you what I think , Is that OK ? "

“ OK, I think they should ……..”

“ I think they shouldn’t………”

“ I think they must ………...”

“ I think they mustn’t…….…”

“ I think they could have………”

“ I think they couldn’t have……….”

“ You know in this world…….…”

“ You know the after world……..…”

“ Better, they did this……..…”

“ Better they don’t do this…..…”

“ People will….”

“ people will not…”

“ you know this….”

“ you don’t know this….”

She kept on and on ranting away……..……and away………... until I interrupted,

“ Hei So & So, I don’t know them personally and it’s not for me to form any opinion on them. I think you should also stop ranting to me or to any other person………………… about these two doctors.………………… It is none of your business or my business………….. to say whatever they should or should not, ....... they would have or wouldn't have……, they could or could not……. to another person, please give some care to respect, which they deserve as individual…………

“ why ? “

“ reason is whatever happened, none of us can help to change the situation. “

“ but you should know more so that going up mountain,…. you should …. And you shouldn’t…… you should have, and shouldn't have......……..………. “

“O ! Hei so and so, I did a little research on these two doctors. Lots of blogs in the net , some are written by parents, some are written by children, many griefed the passing on of these two doctors………….. ”

“ How they have lost their doctors ……who were so very responsible to the nitty gritty details of their medical conditions and needs……. If they are careful towards other, you think so they will take their own life so lightly ? "

" something terribly wrong must have happened and it’s not for us to dwell in that, may be you can google up and search for yourself if you have not done so. Many blogs said they were goods doctors “

“ I seldom use computers , my husband uses lots of computer, which blogs say like that ? "“

“……there are lots of different thoughts on them, some who said unkind remarks like you, I think this is very insensitive to the family and friends ……………who have known them in their own special way. ”

“ You aware some of the good things…………. they have brought to the medical society in Malaysia and the world beyond through Mercy Malaysia ? ”

“ O, Is it ? "

“ do you know them personally ? “

“ No “

“ For me, I highlighted the accidents in my blog because we are doing some work

to bring awareness that safety is important in Bukit Tabur

I have the opportunity to see some hits on people searching the net for the two doctors from the site meter in my blog.

I have gathered 40 pages of these statictics which showed there are many hits, ( if I could show her then, I would ) here are some pages selected

( click on the picture to see details & clearer pixel )

Many are from Malaysia and some around the world searching for the two doctors after the news reported by the medias that they died.

I don’t exactly know who these people are and their motives in searching for the two doctors.

I hope they will read what we chose to remember,

and respect them for who they were and honour them for what they have done.

So that the example of doing these spectacular deeds to impact lives will continue ….

Let us not remember them for how they died - but how they lived. "

I was trying to end the conversation by stealing a quote from Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, the President of Mercy Malaysia tribute to both the late Dr Amin Tai and Dr Haliza Shafie.

I just couldn't wait to take my chance to hammer home what I think off my chest,

I kept on…..

You aware what you are doing now is gossiping ? guessing and talking about another person without knowing them is malicious and judgemental and having no respect for them ?


“ I am no defender of anybody here , in my blog, I write about not only these two late doctors, but a string of others, such as ....

( With two hours of life, what will you do, posting on March 3, 2009 )

In my posting, each person I brought up have a life of their own………….Some of them is still alive, some of them already passed on…..

and I just highlight some of the good deeds these people are doing, so that the sparks of what they have started, will be caught on .........…and it will encourage others to do likewise…………………………………

……. so that our world will be a better place to live…………………………………………………………………………..

I choose to remember some of the good things people are doing……………………………………………………..

and have done so that these examples of good deeds will be cherished by those who are living,……

…. may be those who lives longer than them…………… will learn a thing or two to look outside themselves and do some good to others, to the society, to the world beyond their own circle and boundry…… ……………………………………………………………………………and..………………………………………………………………………………………………so…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………then they will learn ..........and .............…………………………………………………………………… on and on………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

trying to cut me out, “ what is your blog name ?

“ On my thoughts, it’s and on Bukit Tabur

“ But you know Agnes, I never read blog !!! “

Earlier on before leaving the house, I had wanted to enjoy my evening walk, after having walked 6 kilometers or so, I gave her an excuse, and walked away to catch my first breathful of fresh air before heading home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Working Towards Safe Trekking In Bukit Tabur

In working towards safe trekking in Bukit Tabur, we have some business organisations and individual bloggers supporting us.

We are thankful that we are not alone, We know we can never be alone in this.

As Bukit Tabur is for all..... and let's work towards safe trekking there.

Should you want to be a part of what we do, drop us an e-mail.

Right now we are trying to spread the message in the net, link this blog or copy the danger notice, post it for your intended audience.

Happy Trekking & Happy Caring for other trekkers

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Danger Notice for Bukit Tabur

There are three danger notices we put up to help remind trekkers in Bukit Tabur.

Help us spread the message, above all else you can do for yourself while trekking & climbing mountains, just be careful. Accidents Can Happen To Anyone.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bukit Tabur : Danger Zone at Second Rope

Update on posting

Bukit tabur : Danger Zone at Second Rope

is done on April 12, 2009, please go to for more information


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why The Need To Work Towards Safe Trekking

After our highlight on the BukitTabur tragedy and accidents that happened in Bukit Tabur, we received numerous e-mails and responses from different parties having different agendas.

We welcome contribution from anyone who has a passion to make Bukit Tabur a haven for trekking.

We would also appeal for your assistance to help us, spread these messages, through e-mails, linking http;// to your blogs, and websites etc, informing others and drives home a point.

" Working towards an accident-free trek before accident happens is better than to do rescue and evacuation when accidents happen. "

Currently there isn't any safety guidelines, no classification of danger in the mountain climbing standard, no one undertake to ensure that this is a safe place for trekking.

Strictly, there is no way that we are to bear any responsbility to ensure no accidents will happen after you read our postings.

we are just doing our part, within our ability and capacity which you may say as conservation.

Despite the fact that it is dangerous, many people still turned up at the foothills,

and trek up Bukit Tabur,

weeks after weeks.

It goes without saying that Bukit Tabur is such beautiful haven for trekkers but the danger cannot be undermine.

Trekking on the top / the range of Bukit Tabur with its vertical drop between 100 to 300 meters underneath, at different spots

is like walking on tight rope with 100 to 300 meters of height without safety net at the bottom.

Many people would just refuse or fret if you ask them to walk on the tight rope with 100 meters to 300 meter 's potential fall without safety net underneath.

But from what our observation, there are many who follow their friend who has gone there once or twice, have enjoyed themselves thoroughly in that place less aware that it indeed is a dangerous terrain.

Seeing some of them trek at the danger zones will make you miss your heartbeats if you do not have strong heart.

However, if everyone of us can contribute positively without even thinking about how this contribution can lead you to any expectation on financial benefit, I can see that this community service can be a successful project for the trekking communities.

We put up some danger notices along the trail at strategic places, at eye level, safe to read on relatively safe ground.

Last Saturday when we were up there, we noticed that one of the notice was displaced, the danger notice was taken down from the tree and tied to the rock, which is the danger spot itself.

We are of the opinion that this could be more dangerous than that you can read at eye level on a safe place than reading it right on the danger spot itself.

Definately there is a need to provide more positive inputs on volunteer basis to make this a better place for trekking, before more accidents happen or until there is plan by the authority to take over to manage this place.

Over to You.

The Rojak Of Life will be reorganised & redefined.

In view of the traffics and visitors from different races, religions and background, looking for information on Bukit Tabur in my blog.

I see a need to reorganise & redefine my blog.

There will be a spin-off on the subject of Bukit Tabur from now on.

Currently information on the blog is like Rojak.

There are many types of Rojak ( kind of salad with localise sauce, serve with chili, prawn paste, groundnuts mix together ) available in our multi-cultural society, serve by famous chefs in the hotel & restaurents, there are some tasty and yummy delicious yet very cheap serve at the road side stalls as well as by the peddlers on a motorbike who goes places to promote their food.

basically, you have Fruit Rojak that is like by most.

You have also Seafood Rojak that is superb tastety to the tastebud of one while another just cannot tolerate it.

The Vegetarian might like it without any meat in any of their rojak etc, but instead there are others who wants ham and bacon and lamb to be in their Meaty Rojak.

I am aware that the type of Rojak is heaven to one but may not be acceptable to others.

So My Rojak blog will be reorganised N redefined to suit all people from different background so the positive of good blogging prevails to reach bigger pool of audiences and visitors.

As sharing is my passion, one of the blog will be with anything on life adventures, perception & thoughts, people & happening, incidents & events or anything that is under the sun.

Whether it's mine or other person which I think fit to share.

I hope to help generate little flames to lit up thoughts and thinking, making life more interesting.

The others will be on Bukit Tabur at the Klang Gate which is for everyone cutting across race, religion and background.

We will extract postings regarding Bukit Tabur and post it as information for anyone as a community service to all.

( probably this will take some consolidation, editting etc while retaining our identity)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dr. Liew Ngoh Chin : In Remembrance Of A Professional N True Friend

Dr. Amin, A professional and a true friend indeed by Dr Liew Ngoh Chin & Friends

" THE death of Dr Amin Tai Abdullah and Dr Haliza Mohd Shafie came as a shock to us, a group of friends who knew them well and had been climbing with them for years.

.........We were planning a trip to the Lost World of Maliau Basin in Sabah....."

the above captioned was taken from The Star Online ( ) dated Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Memories of how meticulous and thorough the late Dr. Amin Tai Abdullah had planned , prepared and organised for outings as far as Kilimanjaro, Annapurna and Everest base camps in Nepal for those who went there together brought so much nostalgic feelings to Dr Liew & his friends.

His memory went back to how he was touched by the late Dr. Amin, who has helped a felllow mountain climber, a Danish lady doctor in their team to overcome mountain sickness & incessant vomiting, despite in tiredness like everyone else in the trekking group.

" Amin walked over to her tent and handed her a cup of warm tea and some medicine and kept her company and encouraged her. Dr Wit recovered, persisted and made the whole journey to Uhuru peak! "

How endearing this man was to his friends.

Besides what the late Dr. amin has done in Mercy Malaysia and the details of his activities with the humanitarian organisation,

Dr. Liew has highlighted that “ the late Dr. Amin, would put his private practice aside at short notice and volunteer for any humanitarian aid missions locally and overseas, even at times when his safety was in peril.

What a remarkable man he was.

And to be able to do that, a touching remarks from Dr. Liew was that “ behind every great man, there is a great wife and a loving family who supported him and his work.

" Dr.Amin was able to achieve all these, he had a great wife and family who would support him all the way "

" Not many people realised that Amin was one of the great surgeon in our surgical circle. When we encountered difficult cases, his help is sought after and he would, at any time of the day, offer his expertise, even for free. His expertise was well recognised and he was a member of the liver transplant based in Singapore.

Recently many of our universities were plaqued with resignations of surgical specialists. The Department of Surgery in UPM was badly affected too. Amin volunteered his service as an honourary lecturer and had been actively teaching the medical students for the past two years.

Definitely how the late Dr. Amin’s choosing to be part of the solution to face the predicament in that field of medical challenges will truly be remembered.

And for remembering Dr Haliza,

Dr. Liew illeterated that he had trekked with both the late Dr. Haliza & her husband Ridzwan in Sikkim three or four years ago.

' Despite her lack of trekking experience, she was never one to give up easily. While I don’t know her that well, her caring attitude and bubbly magnetism impressed me. "

Indeed the the death of Dr Amin Tai Abdullah and Dr Haliza Mohd Shafie is a lost to all their friends. who respect them for who they were, and honour them for what they have done to impact lives on others.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mercy Malaysia Grieving The Loss Of Dr. Haliza Shafie N Dr. Amin Tai

Wednesday, 01 April 2009

Found this article from Mercy Malaysia's website.
" w
e at MERCY Malaysia extend our deepest sympathies to the families of Dr Haliza Mohd Shafie

and Dr Amin Tai Abdullah @ Tai Yun Ming who both passed away after a jungle trekking accident in Kuala Lumpur.

.........Dr Amin, 57, was a founding member of MERCY Malaysia

..........both were exemplary MERCY Malaysia Volunteers who served with passion and dedication grounded in the spirit of humanitarianism.

best remembered for their dedication to Cambodian children, and their important role in developing capacity at the Angkor Children’s Hospital (ACH).

.......They served humanity with humility, passion and respect.

The tragic accident has caused two precious life,

It is a lost to the nation,

A lost to the medical fraternity,

a lost to the children and parents in need of them,

A lost to Mercy Malaysia,

A lost to the families and friends.

A lost to trekkers who were inspired by them,

as someone who has conquered Mt Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, and reached some of the highest peaks in africa and asia before.

My Condolences To Both Your Families And May You Rest In Peace

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bukit Tabur : Fatal Accident,, Where ??? Part 2

Continue from ...

Bukit Tabur : Fatal Accident Where Was It ??? Part 1

.................the very day Eric found something amissed.......posting dated march 31, 2009

We trekked towards the " carpet grass " at the end of Bukit Tabur ranges, went down the orchard downhill.

We kind of know the possible position the victims might have fall from on top of the mountain.

But we need to be sure by confirming the position from the foothill.

Trekking through the thickness of undergrowth in the orchard,

first to look out for us was, broken branches and fallen trees.

clearer pic of the broken branches.

and the bushes that had been threaded upon by the rescue team to evacuate the fall victims.

and bigger area which the rescue team had passed through

we looked up and it matched the place, exactly like what we had suspected was the location of the fall.

We were settled that the location at the foothill where the broken branches, fallen trees and the bushes threaded by the rescue team matched the location on top of the mountain which Eric had found something amissed.

Reaching the foothill via orchard, we discussed about it.

Aloysius, who had been up to Bukit Tabur 90 times, went to take photos from other angles from a high building nearby

I said, " Aloysius, take photos, if we can, show the trail from another angle, "

" there is a spot of ground with fresh debris fallen on it "

Just to confirm another time after we have confirm twice on the the spot that me & Eric had identified from on top of the mountain and foothill in our search of the possible spot the victims could have fall.

After a few shots, we downloaded the photos taken...

It looks like, he has got all the professional poses of a photographer,

The outcome of the photo shooting,

' Ada gaya saja '

and not too bad,

Against the backdrop of The Majestic Bukit Tabur, he captured lots and lots of big lumpy patches of thick jungle !

with His Lumix.

so is my camera,

which I complaint 2 separate times to the shopowner that there really is a problem in this camera.

Looks like I need to put down my feet on my third visit to him, once and for all tell him, I am disappointed with the camera you sold, either you listen to what i have to say and accept that this indeed is a manufacturing defect or never in my life will I buy another camera, same brand like what I complaint, more so from your shop.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bukit Tabur : A Favorite Spot For Training

( Click on pictures for clearer view)

Bukit Tabur is a favorite spot for training, especially for those climbers preparing to go Gunung Kinabalu due to its proximity to Kuala Lumpur city.

We did our training before we went up to Gunung Kinabalu in 2008, for adults

and children alike.

Last Sunday, we had the chance to meet a group of 30 trekkers

who will be going to Gunung Kinabalu this coming mid year trained in Bukit Tabur.

Our personal friend, Derrick Wong, who was training to compete in his Gunung Kinabalu's climbathon 2008 trained intensively in Bukit Tabur.

He used to start his journey from the Klang Gate Dam, climbing up Bukit Tabur East, going down the orchard.

He usually did at least 3 complete rounds from Klang gate dam to orchard in his training sessions to gather his stamina & endurance before the competition in Gunung Kinabalu.

Nonetheless, to be able to do that, one must have the knowledge on the terrain and the nature of the tracks in that mountain.

This is because the terrain and the nature of tracks in Bukit Tabur is very different from many other jungle tracks in other parts of Malaysia.

Different tracks has their own danger spots, the earth in one part of Gunung Angsi in Ulu Bendul Kuala Pilah, is so sandy that going up or down is very risky.

Almost near to the peak to Gunung Dato' in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, the slippery big boulder is such a challenge to sight, looking at it can cause you to chicken out, especially if you have fear of height.

So is the steepness of Bukit Kutu, and few different mountains in Fraser's Hill.

while others in Gunung ledang or any mountains in Titiwangsa range etc.......... all of them has different challenges on terrains, slopes and steepness, types of earth etc... etc...

Bukit Tabur is totally different from the rest as it is made up of quartz and limestones, the rocks are quite sharp in edges and both sides are vertical cliffs.

some parts of the rock can be chip off very easily,

even stepping on it is very risky.

In our effort to put up the enhanced rope at the " First Rope " location, which there is a steep cliff when you come down.

Truth is you can't see at all what is underneath that big piece of rock the trekker steps on before he comes down.

which most accidents could happened if there is a slip somewhere.

Our rock climbing expert Lau is of strong opinion that some parts of the rock, even though it looks solid, it is in fact hollow inside, a tap will produce hollow sound from within.

Lau had refused to put any iron pegs to hold the enhanced rope at the " First Rope " location, to hold the main rope.

His advice was that it will be more dangerous as trekkers may have the false perception that they can rely on the iron hook to carry their weight down.

We would like any leaders to bring their friends there to be aware of dangers here that pose as trekking risk.

The leader must know the terrain well, first familiarise themselves before bringing others there.

Which safe way to go up, which safe way to come down, no one can take things for granted, especially safety.

There are quite a number of first timer go to Bukit Tabur, brought by their friends who is a second timer. Looking at the way they trek, we can get heart attacks sometimes.

Erosion is another phenomena that needs to look out for.

In this picture, Eric used his walking stick to point at the erosion.

Regularly going there, we have at many times notice pieces of big rock was intact when we passed through them, but after a week or two, the rocks dislocated and rolled downhill, may be caused by erosion or due to trekkers stepping on it too much.

The is the big rock rolled downhill caused by erosion which Eric pointed with his walking stick.
The Big rock dislocated from the erosion that I circle in yellow box.

From newpaper reporting, the friends of the two specialist who fell had said that they might have gone there to recky the terrain.

Lay man like us will interpret that they might be an oversight on the danger of the terrain.

more so, it was raining incessantly the past few weeks.

The rock was slippery for either climbing up or climbing down.

As a respect for the fall victims, we will never speculate what actually happened.

But for those who intends to go there,

oversight and over confidence on safety is something that you have to tackle with.

Accidents can happened in any spots/location.

Just like the surgery specialist perform on the patient in operating theatre, different approaches may be needed to perform on each individual, as each individual is unique , though the name of the disease may be the same.

Likewise, irregardless of how many times you have gone to the same mountain or different mountains, different approaches will be needed in climbing because challenges comes in different terrains and uniqueness in its track.

Strictly, Nothing Can Be Taken Granted For.

As always, you can have fun, but please be careful, think about your loved ones who is waiting for you to come back home safely, just as they send you off to trek and climb mountain safely.

Accidents Can Happen To Anyone, Please Be Careful At All Times.