Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dr. Liew Ngoh Chin : In Remembrance Of A Professional N True Friend

Dr. Amin, A professional and a true friend indeed by Dr Liew Ngoh Chin & Friends

" THE death of Dr Amin Tai Abdullah and Dr Haliza Mohd Shafie came as a shock to us, a group of friends who knew them well and had been climbing with them for years.

.........We were planning a trip to the Lost World of Maliau Basin in Sabah....."

the above captioned was taken from The Star Online ( thestar.com.my/news/story ) dated Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Memories of how meticulous and thorough the late Dr. Amin Tai Abdullah had planned , prepared and organised for outings as far as Kilimanjaro, Annapurna and Everest base camps in Nepal for those who went there together brought so much nostalgic feelings to Dr Liew & his friends.

His memory went back to how he was touched by the late Dr. Amin, who has helped a felllow mountain climber, a Danish lady doctor in their team to overcome mountain sickness & incessant vomiting, despite in tiredness like everyone else in the trekking group.

" Amin walked over to her tent and handed her a cup of warm tea and some medicine and kept her company and encouraged her. Dr Wit recovered, persisted and made the whole journey to Uhuru peak! "

How endearing this man was to his friends.

Besides what the late Dr. amin has done in Mercy Malaysia and the details of his activities with the humanitarian organisation,

Dr. Liew has highlighted that “ the late Dr. Amin, would put his private practice aside at short notice and volunteer for any humanitarian aid missions locally and overseas, even at times when his safety was in peril.

What a remarkable man he was.

And to be able to do that, a touching remarks from Dr. Liew was that “ behind every great man, there is a great wife and a loving family who supported him and his work.

" Dr.Amin was able to achieve all these, he had a great wife and family who would support him all the way "

" Not many people realised that Amin was one of the great surgeon in our surgical circle. When we encountered difficult cases, his help is sought after and he would, at any time of the day, offer his expertise, even for free. His expertise was well recognised and he was a member of the liver transplant based in Singapore.

Recently many of our universities were plaqued with resignations of surgical specialists. The Department of Surgery in UPM was badly affected too. Amin volunteered his service as an honourary lecturer and had been actively teaching the medical students for the past two years.

Definitely how the late Dr. Amin’s choosing to be part of the solution to face the predicament in that field of medical challenges will truly be remembered.

And for remembering Dr Haliza,

Dr. Liew illeterated that he had trekked with both the late Dr. Haliza & her husband Ridzwan in Sikkim three or four years ago.

' Despite her lack of trekking experience, she was never one to give up easily. While I don’t know her that well, her caring attitude and bubbly magnetism impressed me. "

Indeed the the death of Dr Amin Tai Abdullah and Dr Haliza Mohd Shafie is a lost to all their friends. who respect them for who they were, and honour them for what they have done to impact lives on others.

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