Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Rojak Of Life will be reorganised & redefined.

In view of the traffics and visitors from different races, religions and background, looking for information on Bukit Tabur in my blog.

I see a need to reorganise & redefine my blog.

There will be a spin-off on the subject of Bukit Tabur from now on.

Currently information on the blog is like Rojak.

There are many types of Rojak ( kind of salad with localise sauce, serve with chili, prawn paste, groundnuts mix together ) available in our multi-cultural society, serve by famous chefs in the hotel & restaurents, there are some tasty and yummy delicious yet very cheap serve at the road side stalls as well as by the peddlers on a motorbike who goes places to promote their food.

basically, you have Fruit Rojak that is like by most.

You have also Seafood Rojak that is superb tastety to the tastebud of one while another just cannot tolerate it.

The Vegetarian might like it without any meat in any of their rojak etc, but instead there are others who wants ham and bacon and lamb to be in their Meaty Rojak.

I am aware that the type of Rojak is heaven to one but may not be acceptable to others.

So My Rojak blog will be reorganised N redefined to suit all people from different background so the positive of good blogging prevails to reach bigger pool of audiences and visitors.

As sharing is my passion, one of the blog will be with anything on life adventures, perception & thoughts, people & happening, incidents & events or anything that is under the sun.

Whether it's mine or other person which I think fit to share.

I hope to help generate little flames to lit up thoughts and thinking, making life more interesting.

The others will be on Bukit Tabur at the Klang Gate which is for everyone cutting across race, religion and background.

We will extract postings regarding Bukit Tabur and post it as information for anyone as a community service to all.

( probably this will take some consolidation, editting etc while retaining our identity)

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