Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 新年快樂

祝大家2009 新年快樂

Photo taken in One Utama Shopping Complex, Cultural Dance by Beijing Dance Troupe

祝大家2009 萬事如意


祝大家 2009 一切順心, 一切好运 .

祝大家 2009 微笑甜甜, 萬事圓圓

希望 2009 大家平安 N健康,

Calligraph & Painting by Ms. Lim Ee Chin, taken from an office in Port Klang
Enjoy looking at Calligraphy & Chinese Painting, hope will learn how to calligraph & do chinese paint one day.

For the time being, where writting in Mandarin for blog is concerned, lots of effort is needed to learn how to write, even though mandarin is a language we speak fluently.

Search Google on words like :

Free Mandarin
Courses Online,
Free Online Chinese,
Free Mandarin Lessons,
Free Resources in Chinese

that's what i do to improve myself.

Learning to write Mandarin is fun.

我在努力學寫 Mandarin, 希望多多留言, 多多指教.

For now,

It's !! !

Shy la..

it's copy, paste, as I do not know how to use Pin Yin


But the presentation of idea, the contents & photography, are all original, with my copy right reserved.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tips on Successful Trekking Part 2

Part 2 : What it takes to be successful in trekking Bukit Tabur

continue from Part 1 : What it takes to be successful in trekking Bukit Tabur.

When we come to know accidents happened around the same spot, but happened to different person at different time

We are distraughtful, feel awful and lousy.

The physical pain one has to go through is unimaginable.

The sight of many inches of cut in the body with blood oozing out send shudders to my spine.

The broken rib bones, the punctured lungs, the broken hipbones and broken ankles are too much to bear and it's never a joke to suffer these injuries.

Our thoughts why again ? are as knotted as anyone else !!

We wonder what COULD BE the reason leading to the accident ???

Could it be the trekkers are uninformed of the terrain ?

Could it be they are misinformed about the difficulty of the trek ?

Or could it be they are not fit physically ? depleting in strength at the test of challenging journey ?

Or could it be just natural accident ?

Or ?????

There is one thousand and one could be....

It is most heart-wrenching, to come across some trekkers who, may be with all or some of the listed could be, they come with one kind of an attitude, choosing to ignore the potential danger and risk in jungle trekking & mountain climbing !!

The Couldn't Careless Attitude

with this attitude, it comes with ignorance that misadventure can happen to them.

with this attitude, it comes with arrogance that nothing will ever happen to them.

with this attitude, it is almost without fail they creatively thought they can fly and live as immortal on earth as it is in heaven.

Some behave like they are " Hero "

Some choose to be " Gung-ho ",

Some mischieves are done on purpose, like getting to the edge closest to the cliff, behave like silly monkeys, to show their “ stupidity they misinterpret as bravery ”.

These are the ones, without realizing its grave peril & the potential risk, as well as danger of falling down the cliff ( or vertical drop ) 100 to 150 meters below.

To us, these idiotic attitudes are deadly and irresponsible towards their own life, more than all those could be's that we can think of put together.

If they are iresponsible towards their own life, none can convince them that the life of rescuing team will be at risk too in the process of evacuation when mishap happen.

It is these offensive social attitudes and behaviors that they can hardly make themselves worthy to be called intelligent, let alone their perculiar behavior will turn you on to say they are funny and amusing.

A successful trekking is not only accident free, it's overcoming the test of physical strength, mental strength & maturity in characters.

Bukit Tabur East or Bukit Tabur West, the hills are always there, providing an opportunity for the said test.

Whether successful or not, most depend on the trekkers itself.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bukit Tabur : Tips On Successful Trekking 1

Part 1 : What it takes to have a successful trekking in Bukit Tabur

Bukit Tabur East Or Bukit Tabur West in Taman MELAWATI / KLANG GATE is exciting hills to trek in Kuala Lumpur.

We enjoy going there at any time of the week, any month of the year. The air is freshest and the cool breeze is like God turning on the natural air conditioner for us to enjoy.

If you are an avid photographer, Not only it has very scenic view of mountains

and lakes in its mirrored reflection

You can encounter varieties of human behaviors sometimes, and wish you can captured them in photography.

When accidents happened, Bukit Tabur normally get unfair negative publicities and blames with unjustifiable remarks that it is dangerous.

Certain parts of Bukit Tabur and its unique terrain is indeed dangerous.

However, and factually, from experience trekking there, we know there is a lot of human factors /human behaviors in the climbing that can and has contributed to the accidents.

It’s always good reminder, no matter how much one runs marathons and put in many impressive trail miles, for every trek, we see that the below is important

Prepareness before trekking is important,

Be proper in trekking shoes and attire is important,

Be careful in every step you take is important,

Admit that you need help is important,

Awareness on safety is important,

Going in group or in buddy system, caring for each other is important,

Love nature and the life surrounding it, is most important,

Knowing there is always a human limit to what we can do is critically important,

Other than that, recognising the fact that no matter how our emotion wanting to overcome any particular challenges, it must comes with the ability to calculate the risk being taken and knowing the consequences that arise from it.



Even though one may have gone the same trek many times, each trekking journey has risk of its own.

Most of all, trekking on quartz energy of Bukit Tabur,observing general principal of balance and be relax, with all the tips on climbing above, if you are not enjoying, you should not be there at all, let alone you consider it a successful trek

Bukit Tabur : View from Several Spots

Views of Bukit Tabur from several spots nearby

1) This is a sight of Bukit Tabur West, Picture taken from Melawati Housing Estate

2) This is a view from Wangsa Maju LRT station

3) We enjoy trekking in Bukit Tabur (, the journey will start from the foothill behind a wall near the Klang Gate water dam gate.

when we first started trekking in Bukit Tabur West, we were as curious as anyone who trek up and wondered what the mother nature has to offer, we ventured out to trek Bukit Tabur East not long after there and has been regularly, for the past two years trekking there for laughter and fun, for exercise and friendship with like minded trekkers.

This is a picture of Bukit tabur West taken from Bukit Tabur east ( click on the picture for clearer view )

Melawati Hill is situated in Melawati neighbourhood, This pictures is taken from Melawati Hill. Genting Highland can be sighted from Melawati Hill and Bukit Tabur West & East on a clear day.

The accident happened on the day of October 12, 2008 changed our outlook in trekking in Bukit Tabur, not because we are unaware of the danger, but we come across many others that do not know the place and ignorant of the danger therein..

This is a picture of a portion of Bukit Tabur taken from Bukit Mas Apartment, Kuala Lumpur, which shows a different view and angle. We will try our best to describe how dangerous it can be if people are not familiar with the terrain of this place.

Click on the picture to have alook at the verticle cliff and drop as well as height of the place.

Accident Prone Site

It was awful when we were made face to face with the incident of accident and it spur us to do something, from within our hearts & abilities, in the hope that this sharing will be beneficial or perhaps save life.

After some discussions, among the trekking buddies, it is our heartfelt intention, to take this opportunity to create awareness on Bukit Tabur & some familiar path that we have been to many times, which we found it safe to thread on.

The information in the blogs are gathered through a period of two years,

most are our own trekking experiences,

some were our mistakes,

some are our observations

while some are common sense.........

May our sharing be beneficial to you.


The information provided herein is purely from the experiences we gathered in trekking Bukit Tabur, we do not claim them as the only way, We WILL NOT BE and CANNOT BE held responsible for any mishaps and/or accidents whatsoever arising from your trekking here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bukit Tabur : Danger Notices

We have put up some red color laminated transparency of Danger Notices this morning.

It is positioned at the dangerous spot which accidents always happen. the notices are for temporarily use only.

After the Chinese New Year, we will get some permanent signs up.

You can never do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bukit Tabur First Rope Location & Terrain

The picture below is to shows direction towards First Rope.

Almost 50 meters away from First Rope.

We put up a danger sign here.

This picture with arrows shows the trek towards First Rope if trekkers wants to go down the cliff by using rope.

We put up two Danger Signs here.

Beyond the tree and the small patch of rock, at the First Rope, it is vertical cliff ( drop ).

Most accidents happened here.

The rope is supposed to assists trekkers getting down the cliff to get to the other side.

We believe situation led to accidents can happened as follows :-

1) The trekker himself is unsure how to go down, under some coaching and guidance from friends or fellow trekkers, he may try his way down.

2) The trekker, even though afraid of height, still holding unto the rope tightly, and slowly manouver himself down.

3) Beyond the tree and the patch of rock, it is vertical cliff ( drop) The trekker, even though afraid of the height or edge of the rock, they still want to try the rope way.

There can be situation which they loose balance and swing their body like pendulum and out of panic, they let go of the rope and drop down vertically to the foothill.

4) We have also seen on one occassion, there was a couple posing themselves playfully by sitting with legs hanging down the cliff beyond the tree, ( meaning to take photographs next to the tree ) , we kindly told them it is dangerous at that particular spot. However, they just gave us an unfriendly stare, which means mind your own business.

Since they choose to have their own way for pleasure though they are informed.

We just shaked our head and moved on.

This is most tragic, when accident happened. Everyone is stressed out.

In such steepness in slopes and terrain. The rescue teams and para-medic has to be on foot to reach the victims for evacuation. According to the rescue team, It is very dangerous for the helicopter to fly next to the cliff and so, rescue by helicopter will definately a challenge

from our observation and experience, the speed and time taken to reach the fall victims on foot depend largely on the fitness level of the rescue personnels.

Even if the rescue team are fit, having to carry the heavy equipments while trekking is not a joke.

So, to all the trekkers, we wish you have an understanding why we need to get the message to as many as possible on the risk and danger at the First Rope.

Let's do something to contribute towards accident free trekking in Bukit Tabur.

Not to scare off anyone coming here but while we have fun, safety is utmost importance in trekking.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dangerous Spot in Bukit Tabur

We are putting up this danger notices at the spot where accident always happened in Bukit Tabur. It is also to warn others that a fall can be fatal.

The location is at the first rope which most experience trekkers agreed.

The messages are as follows :-

: Please be careful & consider safety as utmost importance, this is not a playground.

:- 2 ways to go down the cliff, first is by rope ( left) & the second is to trek towards the right down the slope.

:- Be reminded that it is 100 to 150 meters fall off the vertical cliff if you loose your grip on the rope if you go by 1st way.

: 3 serious accidents have happened at this dangerous spot, victims have suffered broken ribs, punctured lungs, broken hipbones& ankles, 6 to 8 inches cut during the accidents on Oct 12, 2008, December 18, 2008 and the latest being Jan 18, 2009.

:-Please help each other to be careful. Do not litter while enjoying yourself on this Bukit Tabur

More information on the terrain & challenges in climbing Bukit Tabur is available on this blog.

We understand this blog can reach limited trekkers who comes to visit here, we appreciate if you can dessimate this information to your friends by forwarding this to those who might be interested to trek here.

Our intention is never to spam anyone but provide some useful information on Bukit Tabur so that people will be more inform of the danger and risk you have to take at certain spots.

I believe your good intention may save someones life.

Some local Chinese dailies has published this mountain in their newspaper, without a note of caution on the danger that's lurking for the inexperience trekkers, we are also in the process to inform the press about this.

Let's join hand to help each other, remind each other and care for each other to ensure safe and accident free trekking in Bukit Tabur.

Not Again, Accident in Bukit Tabur

Click to enlarge picture for reading

This is a news report from Guang Ming Daily dated January 19, 2009 on another accident in Bukit Tabur.

A college student aged 23 fell 100 ft down the cliff.

We would like to remind all trekkers, whether new or old, experience or inexperience, please do not take safety lightly, Be careful, very very careful in every steps you take.

We have contacted the professional rock climbers. He will bring in his rock climbing equipments and expertise to make certain accident prone spots safer for trekkers.

Work will be carried out after the Chinese New Year festive holidays.

In the mean time, be very very careful when you go there.

If you need more information, please refer to postings below

Bukit Tabur : Accidents
Bukit Tabur : Terrain & Challenges
Bukit Tabur : Challenges at the first rope
Bukit Tabur : Challenges at the second rope

After a personal encounter on Bukit Tabur accident in October 08.

Since we go there two to three times weekly and know the terrain rather well. The idea of community service to the trekking community was toying in my mind,

Guess now it is time to go into actions, with hope to reduce accidents and unnecessary mishaps.

This voluntary work will be done after the Chinese New Year too.

Again, whne you are having fun, please exercise caution and care.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thinking Out Of The Box

The Basic Of Plumbing Repairs

The email response i received on my posting Free tips In Plumbing Repairs dated Jan 8, 08 has been overwhelming.

Someone asked, why is it that you do not use any plumbing tools ? like the pipe wrench.

" Oh, I don't have any of those."

" To be true, I don't know what is a pipe wrench. " So I googled and found these wrentches of different shapes & sizes.

Pipe Wrenches

Another mail came to caution me against letting professional plumbers and contractors read my blog.

" Why ? "

" If ever you let the professional plumber see your work, they will chase you with hammer, long enough to hammer you !! "

" Why ? "

" Because the work you did is so ugly !!!

" Oh !! , really ? I am sorry if it caused you eyesores"

" It's because I used different tools and skills as well as expertise trained not by the conventional plumbing school !!"

As I have received an earlier mail on pipe wrench and have learn a thing or two about plumbing repairs from the internet, so I thought, this second mailer couldn't be more knowledge than me about plumber & plumbing repairs.

I emailed him a picture of wrenches and told him normally professional plumbers don't use hammer, they use wrenches, even though wrenches can kill too.

I decided to further search the internet on the kitchen plumbing repair so as not to offend any of the visitors to the blog especially the professional plumbers.

I went on the first box in google on wrenches and found some information in howstuffworks
by Fix it Club

It says plumbing follows the law of nature, gravity, water seeking its own level. Knowing this, you can understand the " mysteries" and make dozen of fixes to your home's plumbing system. You can safe yourself time, trouble & money.

The explaination is so straight forward and scientific.

Firstly it talks about the law of nature and water and gravity, of which i am familiar with some popular and beautiful waterfalls. The smells of splashing waterfalls created so much fresh air with negative ions good to refresh your tired body is just heavenly beyond description.

Not to mentioned how the strong gushed of water over your stressed shoulder massaging away the pain.

My favorite waterfall in Gunung Stong in Kelantan Malaysia
At the based camp, there is a natural swimming pool, when we were there, there were some local kids, sliding down the waterfall like the slides in Sunway Lagoon Waterpark

Gunung Ledang waterfall in Johor Malaysia

And many others around in different parts of Malaysia

The explaination says once you understand the mysteries, you can do a lot of wonders. and the result is, it saves you time and trouble and money.

All my efforts in repairing the kitchen sink is worth matching the above description.

Never mind the repaired sink pipe look like the natural jungle treks.

Perhaps, anytime, when there is no time for outdoors, bending down to look at the cemented jungle trek below the old faithful sink may relieve the impulsive urge for jungle trekking.

May the sight of it beats away any boredom of routine in dish washing & household chores.

Immediately I made myself a clever quote

" Thinking out of the box with creativity is after all an excellent way to explain yourself to others " by Tan agnes ( Kuala Lumpur Malaysia )

It may sound silly to cement kitchen sink, but the result has been impressive.
Since yesterday, the floor beneath the sink has been dry.

Appreciate your comment, Mr. Professional Plumber!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Tips on Plumbing Repairs

During spring cleaning, the tendency to see things get done quickly and more urgently is there when compare to any other time that you less bother about it.

So, this is the case of our kitchen sinks.

Suggestions earlier to get the plumber to fix the leaking sink was never taken up seriously.

There was a lot of jungle trekking activities throughout 2008. We were crazy, bugged by the trekking bees, so addicted to trekking that even though the wet floor was a sight to be taken notice of, we had intentionally overlooked and caused the poor faithful sink to suffers choking & suffocation.

To call a plumber at this festive season means you have to wait, not knowing the time they turn up and somehow you have to wait with uncertainty.

And so, I took up the challenge to be a kitchen sink plumbing repairman.

In summary, these are the things needed on kitchen sink plumbing repairs.

1) Cement

Earlier i had use cellophane tape to tape the leaking part, to my bemused husband.
Nevertheless it worked, it really worked,

....... for a while,
..........just a while.

so now I chose a stronger sticking agent.

Cement as the sticking agent

2) Containers of different sizes.
one to hold the cement, a small one to hold water, to be added to the cement

Add water to the cement

3) Used chopstick for stirring the cement.

Stir slowly to prevent cement dust flying all over

4) Lots and lots and lots of old newspaper

5) Unlimited number of plastic bags.
I have used not less than 5 pairs of disposable gloves trying to stick the gluey yarky stuff, instead the disposable gloves isn't of much help, my fingers were all sticking together.

So improvise is the name.

It is advisable first to put on disposable glove as inner layer, then garden glove, then a layer of long plastic bag to protect the hands.

As shown in this picture

And there were three big garbage bags of plastic waiting to be thrown. Sorry for using so many plastic bags

Ya, a note of reminder on plastic bags, after trekking, do not leave any plastic bags in the jungle or mountains. It is unsightly and they takes hundreds of year to disintegrate.

6) Pails of different sizes
one for cleaning hand : first cleaning,
one for cleaning hands: second cleaning,
one for cleaning hands: third cleaning.

7) most importantly, a camera !!

And the result is a piece of job done by woman's hand

Alternatively, for
plumbing repairs need, you can google up & search

who knows ?

since I have the job experience, I may apply for a job in that field.

Free Tips :
Never let any inexperience plumber attempt to repair your kitchen sinks.

Word of Advice & Caution: More so with expensive kitchen sinks.