Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009, What Will You Be

2009 Economic Outlook.

  1. By Lawrence Yun : the US economy has entered recession
  2. ........ ing year, 2009, will see virtually no gain
  3. Malaysian Economic Outlook 2009 : hazy days ahead

  4. The recession in advanced economies will set the tone for global economic outlook in 2009.
    Of importance is the extent of fiscal pump priming & monetary...
  5. Economic Outlook forecasts sharp rise in unemployment as recession....

Everyone said 2009 and its months ahead is gloomy, economic performance will be worst than expected, there will be negative growth for business, and the spiral effect will be many things will come to a standstill.

The gloomy mountains & curvy road in the morning

Everyone said the road in the months of 2009 will be more curvy than all the months put together from past years.

The curvy road

Challenges ahead, not only will be as many as the mountains, they will be unmovable as well.

Unmovable mountains

yes, I think so, like what everybody is thinking & saying.....

My approach in being enthusiatic about life, or take one thing at a time can't change much of the situation, I really can't do much, because i am experiencing the hardship like everyone else.

Surely it is great challenges to be a good steward, to live positively, without fear, managing the resources that we are bless from the heaven and the earth

For now, the money has shrunk its value. Yes, it is indeed very challenging just to get the days go by.

We drove through a dark tunnel on our way to Penang, I felt the urge to take some photos while passing through it.

These pictures registered ( date/year/time ) 01 01 2009, 0034 to 0035, it took about a minute or two to get through the tunnel to see the light.

The end of a road tunnel

How will we go through 2009 ? will we see the end of 2009 ? Oh!! how is it going to be ?

Will it be as fast as the time taken for the car to pass through the tunnel ???

How I wish so,

2009 what will you be ?

2009, how will it be ?

2009 ! I will say to you :

you will be to me the tunnel,

2009 as tunnel in picture

no matter how, we will pass through............

Nearing the end in the road tunnel

and see the road ahead.

Broad pathway/road after the tunnel

2009, 2009,2009,2009,2009,2009, 2009.

2009, you will be to me the opportunity, for us to adapt to living life with right priorities, with right attitude & right perspective.

How we take 2009 will be how we say at the end of the year

Oh, it's a great year, Yes, we made it through.

Or, Oh yaks, it sulks....

There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.

William Frederick Halsey, Jr.


Ruth said...

you are beautiful and a philosopher. what makes you leave your blog and where did you learn such inspiration? love ruth

Tan agnes said...

Hi Ruth,
Sending you all the blessings of love & joy & peace as well as hope to make each of your day sunny.