Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Again, Accident in Bukit Tabur

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This is a news report from Guang Ming Daily dated January 19, 2009 on another accident in Bukit Tabur.

A college student aged 23 fell 100 ft down the cliff.

We would like to remind all trekkers, whether new or old, experience or inexperience, please do not take safety lightly, Be careful, very very careful in every steps you take.

We have contacted the professional rock climbers. He will bring in his rock climbing equipments and expertise to make certain accident prone spots safer for trekkers.

Work will be carried out after the Chinese New Year festive holidays.

In the mean time, be very very careful when you go there.

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After a personal encounter on Bukit Tabur accident in October 08.

Since we go there two to three times weekly and know the terrain rather well. The idea of community service to the trekking community was toying in my mind,

Guess now it is time to go into actions, with hope to reduce accidents and unnecessary mishaps.

This voluntary work will be done after the Chinese New Year too.

Again, whne you are having fun, please exercise caution and care.

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