Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 新年快樂

祝大家2009 新年快樂

Photo taken in One Utama Shopping Complex, Cultural Dance by Beijing Dance Troupe

祝大家2009 萬事如意


祝大家 2009 一切順心, 一切好运 .

祝大家 2009 微笑甜甜, 萬事圓圓

希望 2009 大家平安 N健康,

Calligraph & Painting by Ms. Lim Ee Chin, taken from an office in Port Klang
Enjoy looking at Calligraphy & Chinese Painting, hope will learn how to calligraph & do chinese paint one day.

For the time being, where writting in Mandarin for blog is concerned, lots of effort is needed to learn how to write, even though mandarin is a language we speak fluently.

Search Google on words like :

Free Mandarin
Courses Online,
Free Online Chinese,
Free Mandarin Lessons,
Free Resources in Chinese

that's what i do to improve myself.

Learning to write Mandarin is fun.

我在努力學寫 Mandarin, 希望多多留言, 多多指教.

For now,

It's !! !

Shy la..

it's copy, paste, as I do not know how to use Pin Yin


But the presentation of idea, the contents & photography, are all original, with my copy right reserved.

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