Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tips on Successful Trekking Part 2

Part 2 : What it takes to be successful in trekking Bukit Tabur

continue from Part 1 : What it takes to be successful in trekking Bukit Tabur.

When we come to know accidents happened around the same spot, but happened to different person at different time

We are distraughtful, feel awful and lousy.

The physical pain one has to go through is unimaginable.

The sight of many inches of cut in the body with blood oozing out send shudders to my spine.

The broken rib bones, the punctured lungs, the broken hipbones and broken ankles are too much to bear and it's never a joke to suffer these injuries.

Our thoughts why again ? are as knotted as anyone else !!

We wonder what COULD BE the reason leading to the accident ???

Could it be the trekkers are uninformed of the terrain ?

Could it be they are misinformed about the difficulty of the trek ?

Or could it be they are not fit physically ? depleting in strength at the test of challenging journey ?

Or could it be just natural accident ?

Or ?????

There is one thousand and one could be....

It is most heart-wrenching, to come across some trekkers who, may be with all or some of the listed could be, they come with one kind of an attitude, choosing to ignore the potential danger and risk in jungle trekking & mountain climbing !!

The Couldn't Careless Attitude

with this attitude, it comes with ignorance that misadventure can happen to them.

with this attitude, it comes with arrogance that nothing will ever happen to them.

with this attitude, it is almost without fail they creatively thought they can fly and live as immortal on earth as it is in heaven.

Some behave like they are " Hero "

Some choose to be " Gung-ho ",

Some mischieves are done on purpose, like getting to the edge closest to the cliff, behave like silly monkeys, to show their “ stupidity they misinterpret as bravery ”.

These are the ones, without realizing its grave peril & the potential risk, as well as danger of falling down the cliff ( or vertical drop ) 100 to 150 meters below.

To us, these idiotic attitudes are deadly and irresponsible towards their own life, more than all those could be's that we can think of put together.

If they are iresponsible towards their own life, none can convince them that the life of rescuing team will be at risk too in the process of evacuation when mishap happen.

It is these offensive social attitudes and behaviors that they can hardly make themselves worthy to be called intelligent, let alone their perculiar behavior will turn you on to say they are funny and amusing.

A successful trekking is not only accident free, it's overcoming the test of physical strength, mental strength & maturity in characters.

Bukit Tabur East or Bukit Tabur West, the hills are always there, providing an opportunity for the said test.

Whether successful or not, most depend on the trekkers itself.

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