Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bukit Tabur : View from Several Spots

Views of Bukit Tabur from several spots nearby

1) This is a sight of Bukit Tabur West, Picture taken from Melawati Housing Estate

2) This is a view from Wangsa Maju LRT station

3) We enjoy trekking in Bukit Tabur (, the journey will start from the foothill behind a wall near the Klang Gate water dam gate.

when we first started trekking in Bukit Tabur West, we were as curious as anyone who trek up and wondered what the mother nature has to offer, we ventured out to trek Bukit Tabur East not long after there and has been regularly, for the past two years trekking there for laughter and fun, for exercise and friendship with like minded trekkers.

This is a picture of Bukit tabur West taken from Bukit Tabur east ( click on the picture for clearer view )

Melawati Hill is situated in Melawati neighbourhood, This pictures is taken from Melawati Hill. Genting Highland can be sighted from Melawati Hill and Bukit Tabur West & East on a clear day.

The accident happened on the day of October 12, 2008 changed our outlook in trekking in Bukit Tabur, not because we are unaware of the danger, but we come across many others that do not know the place and ignorant of the danger therein..

This is a picture of a portion of Bukit Tabur taken from Bukit Mas Apartment, Kuala Lumpur, which shows a different view and angle. We will try our best to describe how dangerous it can be if people are not familiar with the terrain of this place.

Click on the picture to have alook at the verticle cliff and drop as well as height of the place.

Accident Prone Site

It was awful when we were made face to face with the incident of accident and it spur us to do something, from within our hearts & abilities, in the hope that this sharing will be beneficial or perhaps save life.

After some discussions, among the trekking buddies, it is our heartfelt intention, to take this opportunity to create awareness on Bukit Tabur & some familiar path that we have been to many times, which we found it safe to thread on.

The information in the blogs are gathered through a period of two years,

most are our own trekking experiences,

some were our mistakes,

some are our observations

while some are common sense.........

May our sharing be beneficial to you.


The information provided herein is purely from the experiences we gathered in trekking Bukit Tabur, we do not claim them as the only way, We WILL NOT BE and CANNOT BE held responsible for any mishaps and/or accidents whatsoever arising from your trekking here.

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