Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thinking Out Of The Box

The Basic Of Plumbing Repairs

The email response i received on my posting Free tips In Plumbing Repairs dated Jan 8, 08 has been overwhelming.

Someone asked, why is it that you do not use any plumbing tools ? like the pipe wrench.

" Oh, I don't have any of those."

" To be true, I don't know what is a pipe wrench. " So I googled and found these wrentches of different shapes & sizes.

Pipe Wrenches

Another mail came to caution me against letting professional plumbers and contractors read my blog.

" Why ? "

" If ever you let the professional plumber see your work, they will chase you with hammer, long enough to hammer you !! "

" Why ? "

" Because the work you did is so ugly !!!

" Oh !! , really ? I am sorry if it caused you eyesores"

" It's because I used different tools and skills as well as expertise trained not by the conventional plumbing school !!"

As I have received an earlier mail on pipe wrench and have learn a thing or two about plumbing repairs from the internet, so I thought, this second mailer couldn't be more knowledge than me about plumber & plumbing repairs.

I emailed him a picture of wrenches and told him normally professional plumbers don't use hammer, they use wrenches, even though wrenches can kill too.

I decided to further search the internet on the kitchen plumbing repair so as not to offend any of the visitors to the blog especially the professional plumbers.

I went on the first box in google on wrenches and found some information in howstuffworks
by Fix it Club

It says plumbing follows the law of nature, gravity, water seeking its own level. Knowing this, you can understand the " mysteries" and make dozen of fixes to your home's plumbing system. You can safe yourself time, trouble & money.

The explaination is so straight forward and scientific.

Firstly it talks about the law of nature and water and gravity, of which i am familiar with some popular and beautiful waterfalls. The smells of splashing waterfalls created so much fresh air with negative ions good to refresh your tired body is just heavenly beyond description.

Not to mentioned how the strong gushed of water over your stressed shoulder massaging away the pain.

My favorite waterfall in Gunung Stong in Kelantan Malaysia
At the based camp, there is a natural swimming pool, when we were there, there were some local kids, sliding down the waterfall like the slides in Sunway Lagoon Waterpark

Gunung Ledang waterfall in Johor Malaysia

And many others around in different parts of Malaysia

The explaination says once you understand the mysteries, you can do a lot of wonders. and the result is, it saves you time and trouble and money.

All my efforts in repairing the kitchen sink is worth matching the above description.

Never mind the repaired sink pipe look like the natural jungle treks.

Perhaps, anytime, when there is no time for outdoors, bending down to look at the cemented jungle trek below the old faithful sink may relieve the impulsive urge for jungle trekking.

May the sight of it beats away any boredom of routine in dish washing & household chores.

Immediately I made myself a clever quote

" Thinking out of the box with creativity is after all an excellent way to explain yourself to others " by Tan agnes ( Kuala Lumpur Malaysia )

It may sound silly to cement kitchen sink, but the result has been impressive.
Since yesterday, the floor beneath the sink has been dry.

Appreciate your comment, Mr. Professional Plumber!

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