Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Tips on Plumbing Repairs

During spring cleaning, the tendency to see things get done quickly and more urgently is there when compare to any other time that you less bother about it.

So, this is the case of our kitchen sinks.

Suggestions earlier to get the plumber to fix the leaking sink was never taken up seriously.

There was a lot of jungle trekking activities throughout 2008. We were crazy, bugged by the trekking bees, so addicted to trekking that even though the wet floor was a sight to be taken notice of, we had intentionally overlooked and caused the poor faithful sink to suffers choking & suffocation.

To call a plumber at this festive season means you have to wait, not knowing the time they turn up and somehow you have to wait with uncertainty.

And so, I took up the challenge to be a kitchen sink plumbing repairman.

In summary, these are the things needed on kitchen sink plumbing repairs.

1) Cement

Earlier i had use cellophane tape to tape the leaking part, to my bemused husband.
Nevertheless it worked, it really worked,

....... for a while,
..........just a while.

so now I chose a stronger sticking agent.

Cement as the sticking agent

2) Containers of different sizes.
one to hold the cement, a small one to hold water, to be added to the cement

Add water to the cement

3) Used chopstick for stirring the cement.

Stir slowly to prevent cement dust flying all over

4) Lots and lots and lots of old newspaper

5) Unlimited number of plastic bags.
I have used not less than 5 pairs of disposable gloves trying to stick the gluey yarky stuff, instead the disposable gloves isn't of much help, my fingers were all sticking together.

So improvise is the name.

It is advisable first to put on disposable glove as inner layer, then garden glove, then a layer of long plastic bag to protect the hands.

As shown in this picture

And there were three big garbage bags of plastic waiting to be thrown. Sorry for using so many plastic bags

Ya, a note of reminder on plastic bags, after trekking, do not leave any plastic bags in the jungle or mountains. It is unsightly and they takes hundreds of year to disintegrate.

6) Pails of different sizes
one for cleaning hand : first cleaning,
one for cleaning hands: second cleaning,
one for cleaning hands: third cleaning.

7) most importantly, a camera !!

And the result is a piece of job done by woman's hand

Alternatively, for
plumbing repairs need, you can google up & search

who knows ?

since I have the job experience, I may apply for a job in that field.

Free Tips :
Never let any inexperience plumber attempt to repair your kitchen sinks.

Word of Advice & Caution: More so with expensive kitchen sinks.


ocyeoh said...

Was shocked to see d hard work put up to repair d leak. firstly identify the leak, big or small,located where. stop using it and let it dry(cloth or issue it dry).Get from a good hardware shop, BONDITE - consisting of 2 components, when knitted together will become a putty where it can be placed over the leak even when it is wet but not with any water pressure. For a small leak use only small portions of both & blend it well before applying over the spot. Leave the job done to dry for about an hour and u can start using ur basin. This suggestion is a quick repair. This Bondite is a wonderful sealing compound easy to use and cleanup. Many uses depend on your ingenuity. Leftovers(unknitted)-keep it air tight. Actually most leaks are due to the O Rings not fitted or seated properly.
Need any suggestions on house repair write to
We need to learn how to DIY especially during these difficult time.Keep it up, DIY. Sometimes go to the hardware shop, tell them ur problem and they may assist if they know their stuff. Regards,

Tan agnes said...

thanks so much ocyeoh