Monday, January 19, 2009

Dangerous Spot in Bukit Tabur

We are putting up this danger notices at the spot where accident always happened in Bukit Tabur. It is also to warn others that a fall can be fatal.

The location is at the first rope which most experience trekkers agreed.

The messages are as follows :-

: Please be careful & consider safety as utmost importance, this is not a playground.

:- 2 ways to go down the cliff, first is by rope ( left) & the second is to trek towards the right down the slope.

:- Be reminded that it is 100 to 150 meters fall off the vertical cliff if you loose your grip on the rope if you go by 1st way.

: 3 serious accidents have happened at this dangerous spot, victims have suffered broken ribs, punctured lungs, broken hipbones& ankles, 6 to 8 inches cut during the accidents on Oct 12, 2008, December 18, 2008 and the latest being Jan 18, 2009.

:-Please help each other to be careful. Do not litter while enjoying yourself on this Bukit Tabur

More information on the terrain & challenges in climbing Bukit Tabur is available on this blog.

We understand this blog can reach limited trekkers who comes to visit here, we appreciate if you can dessimate this information to your friends by forwarding this to those who might be interested to trek here.

Our intention is never to spam anyone but provide some useful information on Bukit Tabur so that people will be more inform of the danger and risk you have to take at certain spots.

I believe your good intention may save someones life.

Some local Chinese dailies has published this mountain in their newspaper, without a note of caution on the danger that's lurking for the inexperience trekkers, we are also in the process to inform the press about this.

Let's join hand to help each other, remind each other and care for each other to ensure safe and accident free trekking in Bukit Tabur.


Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

agnes, i am very interested in climbing bukit tabur but would like to gain some experience climbing it by attaching to some bigger group. could you inform me if anyone in your group happens to trek over there?



Tan agnes said...

Hi KaKiaYam
You may write to me