Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bukit Tabur First Rope Location & Terrain

The picture below is to shows direction towards First Rope.

Almost 50 meters away from First Rope.

We put up a danger sign here.

This picture with arrows shows the trek towards First Rope if trekkers wants to go down the cliff by using rope.

We put up two Danger Signs here.

Beyond the tree and the small patch of rock, at the First Rope, it is vertical cliff ( drop ).

Most accidents happened here.

The rope is supposed to assists trekkers getting down the cliff to get to the other side.

We believe situation led to accidents can happened as follows :-

1) The trekker himself is unsure how to go down, under some coaching and guidance from friends or fellow trekkers, he may try his way down.

2) The trekker, even though afraid of height, still holding unto the rope tightly, and slowly manouver himself down.

3) Beyond the tree and the patch of rock, it is vertical cliff ( drop) The trekker, even though afraid of the height or edge of the rock, they still want to try the rope way.

There can be situation which they loose balance and swing their body like pendulum and out of panic, they let go of the rope and drop down vertically to the foothill.

4) We have also seen on one occassion, there was a couple posing themselves playfully by sitting with legs hanging down the cliff beyond the tree, ( meaning to take photographs next to the tree ) , we kindly told them it is dangerous at that particular spot. However, they just gave us an unfriendly stare, which means mind your own business.

Since they choose to have their own way for pleasure though they are informed.

We just shaked our head and moved on.

This is most tragic, when accident happened. Everyone is stressed out.

In such steepness in slopes and terrain. The rescue teams and para-medic has to be on foot to reach the victims for evacuation. According to the rescue team, It is very dangerous for the helicopter to fly next to the cliff and so, rescue by helicopter will definately a challenge

from our observation and experience, the speed and time taken to reach the fall victims on foot depend largely on the fitness level of the rescue personnels.

Even if the rescue team are fit, having to carry the heavy equipments while trekking is not a joke.

So, to all the trekkers, we wish you have an understanding why we need to get the message to as many as possible on the risk and danger at the First Rope.

Let's do something to contribute towards accident free trekking in Bukit Tabur.

Not to scare off anyone coming here but while we have fun, safety is utmost importance in trekking.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Will hike there only when the safety work is set up by the rock climber. Looks really scary!