Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Spring Cleaning

I have been doing spring cleaning, throughout the entire year, it is still not done yet..........

Room to room, drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, boxes by boxes. the store, the corners, the outdoor, the indoor, anything that is out of date, useless, irrelevant, clutters, it's all into the recycle bin or waste bin.

In the past, there are too many stuffs that I wanted to throw, I didn't do it, thinking it will be useful one day.

Many books and bags, and containers, and even cloth that use to wipe spills on the floor, now i noticed there are just too many of them around.

I procrestinate earlier in throwing, now i have no hesitation, it's burdensome just to look at them.

Proceeding from the kitchen to the fridge, level by level I did my thorough cleaning.

I took out the bag of candy which you brought to me as a gift when we met.

I remember the children was excited, just to look at the attractive bag of the present. Before putting the candy into their mouth, they look again, something not very usual, they searched the information at the packing, the expiry date shown the stuff has past it's eadible stage.

I sighed.

It was already an expired stuff when you gave.

Oouch !!!

Uncertain, curious, confused.

I didn't throw the gift, I gave many excuses......, I gave all justifications.

I appreciate your thought.

I put your " gift of friendship" into the freezer.

I was very sure I didn't ask for this gift when we were to meet.

I don't know why i still put in the freezer, knowing that i will not eat them at all, nor will I let anyone eat any expired stuff.

The frozen candy has been in my freezer for a year and a half, it shouldn't, it can't still be sitting there to occupy my space.


My spring cleaning is still in progress.

BUT, I am certain friendship has no expiry date.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What is Friendship

Friendship is to be build on of trust and care. That was what I thought it should be.

But my real experience with you said otherwise.

I felt betrayed and hurt and wonder if we can be friends again.

Your betrayal opened my eyes to be wiser now, and choose whoever to be my friends.

what i lost was just some profit from a business deal, it's really no big deal.

what you lost was & is my trust on you.

No wonder my other half always warn me " 交朋友 Ma....,没必要......


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shark Without His Fin : What is Cruelty

A shark without his fins are like human without limbs
they can't monouver their swimming movements,
just like human, with arms severed.............

Is drinking shark fin soup a culture ? a want, a status symbol, or a bloody cruelty ?

Watch the videos produced by well known Film director Ang Lee, &

After the fins are cut away from the shark, they are thrown back into the sea, and most of them, sank to the sea bed, dying

a bowl of soup on the table versus live shark with fins cut away from his body, twitching in shocks on land, or left to dying on the sea bed.

is there a choice to be made when ordering food ?

Film Director's Ang Lee 's Against Cruelty 's Against Cruelty

Against Cruelty

Monday, February 1, 2010

What is Fear ? What is Deception ?

How to explain Fear & Deception ?

What is fear & what is deception postings has relevancy & reference to my few postings earlier.

Fear is akin to the cage that cages the eagle. Deception is akin to the door of the cage.

How the cage disorientates the eagle to know his true identity, so it's the fear that paralyse him to know who he is and what is his full potential in life.

Refering to the CAPTURED EAGLE......versus.......THE FREE EAGLE, who is always a symbol of strength.

Eagle's claws, aren't they strong, able to grab preys be it small as rabbit or big as mountain goat. tearing the prey apart, before devouring it ?

Eagle's wings, aren't they powerful to withstand elements such as " pressure "

I wonder, whether the captured eagle ever DESIRES for his own freedom ?

if he is so, wouldn't he uses his beak to tear open the cage that cages him ? the cage is only made up of 3 mm to 5 mm wire mesh.

I wonder, whether the captured eagle want his freedom ? more than the desire in his heart ?

if he is so, wouldn't he flap his wings to smash his prison door ? that is made from some small planks of wood.

I wonder, if the captured eagle can thinks ? whether he will calculate the worthiness of trying and not trying, measures the smashing of the prison door against the pain & bruises in the process.

I wonder, if the captured eagle can reason ? will he compare the pain in smashing to the pain in withstand air pressure he experiences in the sky.

I wonder too, if the captured eagle send a crucial call to the herdful of his friends who is outside of his cage, will the Free Eagles respond to his call for help ?

We human call the cage as fear and the door of the cage as deception, will the captured eagle ever get the freedom to fly again ?

Yes ?

No ?


Not until the captured eagle realise who he is, his captor would want him to believe that he is a chicken, for use as a dish or a pet to be kept as a showpiece, as well as for abuse.

Monday, January 18, 2010

What Choices Do I Have In Life : Episode 5

Episode 5 of 5

We found this during our back packing trip to Southern Thailand in December 2009.

How she ended up inside, What species does she belongs to ? what choice does she has, we wondered ?

If I could, I would want to open the cage, release her, and let her fly, but that was wishful thinking.

The anguish of being trapped, caged and made to stay where it doesn't belongs.

Who are you ? I asked.

A dish to be served ? a pet to be kept ?

What choices does life give you ? more wonders !!!!!

There Is No Choice In Life For Me : Episode 4

Episode 4 of 5

There is no choice in life for me.
Why is that so ?

When did you last saw your family.
I don't know but I was happy, very happy.

You were happy before ?
Yes I do.

Why are you unhappy ?
I don't know.

How you can come to this state ?
I don't know ?

Sure you said there is choice in life.
No, there isn't.

Who are you ?
I don't know.

The Life In The Flesh : Episode 3

Episode 3 of 5

Is there hope in life ?
There isn't !!

Why there isn't ?
I don't know

How long have you been like that ?
I don't know ?

What did you do ?
I cry.

What else do you do ?
I prayed

You did that ?

What happened to your peers.
I don't know

So you are on your own, crying & praying ?
I think so.

Who are you ?
I don't know.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Life In The Flesh : Episode 2

Episode 2 of 5

Can life be that simple ?
I think surely no.

Isn't life is more than eating & drinking & sleeping
I am not sure.

Does what happens around you has anything to do with you ?
I am not sure.

Did you fight the evil that happens to you ?
I think so.

On injustice, how do you take it ?
I don't know.

There are people against injustice.
Is that so ?

There is still good percentage of people knowing right from the wrong.
Really ?

Can you see there are actually people who wants to help & hope for a better living for you ?
Surely I saw.

who are you ?
I don't know.

Choices In Life & It's Episode 1

Episode 1 of 5

In life there are choices available.
there is ?

What are they ?
You want to know ?

are you sure there is ?

What makes you say there isn't ?
I don't know.

What is happening outside your life ?
I don't know.

How come ?
I don't know.

What has become ?
I don't know.

Are you aware ?
I don't know.

So what now ?
I don't know

Who are you ?
I don't know.


Note : There are many episodes in life.