Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Spring Cleaning

I have been doing spring cleaning, throughout the entire year, it is still not done yet..........

Room to room, drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, boxes by boxes. the store, the corners, the outdoor, the indoor, anything that is out of date, useless, irrelevant, clutters, it's all into the recycle bin or waste bin.

In the past, there are too many stuffs that I wanted to throw, I didn't do it, thinking it will be useful one day.

Many books and bags, and containers, and even cloth that use to wipe spills on the floor, now i noticed there are just too many of them around.

I procrestinate earlier in throwing, now i have no hesitation, it's burdensome just to look at them.

Proceeding from the kitchen to the fridge, level by level I did my thorough cleaning.

I took out the bag of candy which you brought to me as a gift when we met.

I remember the children was excited, just to look at the attractive bag of the present. Before putting the candy into their mouth, they look again, something not very usual, they searched the information at the packing, the expiry date shown the stuff has past it's eadible stage.

I sighed.

It was already an expired stuff when you gave.

Oouch !!!

Uncertain, curious, confused.

I didn't throw the gift, I gave many excuses......, I gave all justifications.

I appreciate your thought.

I put your " gift of friendship" into the freezer.

I was very sure I didn't ask for this gift when we were to meet.

I don't know why i still put in the freezer, knowing that i will not eat them at all, nor will I let anyone eat any expired stuff.

The frozen candy has been in my freezer for a year and a half, it shouldn't, it can't still be sitting there to occupy my space.


My spring cleaning is still in progress.

BUT, I am certain friendship has no expiry date.

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