Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcoming 2011

2010 has been a great year for us.

As family with growing children, bet you will hear the words growing pains.

BUT none the least to mention, there was joy admidst the pain in growing. It's really great experience to see each of us learning to love one another as family.

The words on love, & loving is so dynamic and progressive, and it never ends when the year 2010 has passed and the new year 2011 starts.

We are growing old as well, forgotten dates, issue overlooked, unattended chores which we were supposed to do, body that was perfect in functioning needs overhaul, and the occurance of pain in the body is more frequent than before, ..........aa..aAhhHH, the complimentary package that tag along when we receive the bonus of life.

To my friends who send me emails, just wanna say thanks for those mails that u send, some interesting, some inspiring, some awakening, and some can be lump together considering the same subjects but from different angles and perspective esp the worldly affairs in and around us.

Most mails that i received speaks of no peace, no security, streets are not safe, the people supposed to upkeep justice is themselves playing traunt.

There are challenges on enviromental issues, global warming, eratic weathers etc... which everyone of us should concern about them.

The mails come with one clear message, there must be change for better, and change we wanna see, change there must have for ourselves and for our future generation.

There got to be something more for us as Malaysian, paying tax to upkeep & maintain the country is one thing, but what are we maintaining as a society ? who do we upkeep to serve the country better, how do the existing system work to ensure there is peace and well being of the people is taken care of.

So i agreed fully, changes there must be, for the good of future.

I humbly vowed in my heart, to start doing my part, with praying for peace and prosperity at the beginning of 2011.

Peace to live life basic with wellness, prosperity in our soul to make a difference in our thinking, in our attitude to face challenges of life.

I am glad to be on yr mailing list. Thank you again.

Keep the mails coming so that I know that even though we do not meet, but we do think of each other, and it's good to keep in contact.

To my family members who are loving, and forbearing.

Forgive me of my short coming, when dealing with you, forgive me of any unkindness that I may have rubbed off on you, and the mistaken thought that i didn't read u rightly, be kind to help me love you rightly in 2011.

2011 will be a challenging year, as usual, so that is what everyone saith. No matter how challenging is 2011, it will be a greater year than 2010 when there is love supporting our entire being and living.

I wish for everyone to be healthy and prosperous in your well being for 2011.

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Joanna homestayprogram Sabah said...

Thanks for sharing your new year message Agnes.
Just love it..
its like talking about myself and my children too..growing pains.
Me..more body aches as i wake up in the morning!
Love to you all.

May 2011 bring much blessings to us all.