Monday, February 1, 2010

What is Fear ? What is Deception ?

How to explain Fear & Deception ?

What is fear & what is deception postings has relevancy & reference to my few postings earlier.

Fear is akin to the cage that cages the eagle. Deception is akin to the door of the cage.

How the cage disorientates the eagle to know his true identity, so it's the fear that paralyse him to know who he is and what is his full potential in life.

Refering to the CAPTURED EAGLE......versus.......THE FREE EAGLE, who is always a symbol of strength.

Eagle's claws, aren't they strong, able to grab preys be it small as rabbit or big as mountain goat. tearing the prey apart, before devouring it ?

Eagle's wings, aren't they powerful to withstand elements such as " pressure "

I wonder, whether the captured eagle ever DESIRES for his own freedom ?

if he is so, wouldn't he uses his beak to tear open the cage that cages him ? the cage is only made up of 3 mm to 5 mm wire mesh.

I wonder, whether the captured eagle want his freedom ? more than the desire in his heart ?

if he is so, wouldn't he flap his wings to smash his prison door ? that is made from some small planks of wood.

I wonder, if the captured eagle can thinks ? whether he will calculate the worthiness of trying and not trying, measures the smashing of the prison door against the pain & bruises in the process.

I wonder, if the captured eagle can reason ? will he compare the pain in smashing to the pain in withstand air pressure he experiences in the sky.

I wonder too, if the captured eagle send a crucial call to the herdful of his friends who is outside of his cage, will the Free Eagles respond to his call for help ?

We human call the cage as fear and the door of the cage as deception, will the captured eagle ever get the freedom to fly again ?

Yes ?

No ?


Not until the captured eagle realise who he is, his captor would want him to believe that he is a chicken, for use as a dish or a pet to be kept as a showpiece, as well as for abuse.


Lee Cheng Hoe said...

I love your blog. You are a nature lover. Great! We should love our Mother Earth as what I always mentioned in my blog

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