Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shark Without His Fin : What is Cruelty

A shark without his fins are like human without limbs
they can't monouver their swimming movements,
just like human, with arms severed.............

Is drinking shark fin soup a culture ? a want, a status symbol, or a bloody cruelty ?

Watch the videos produced by well known Film director Ang Lee, &

After the fins are cut away from the shark, they are thrown back into the sea, and most of them, sank to the sea bed, dying

a bowl of soup on the table versus live shark with fins cut away from his body, twitching in shocks on land, or left to dying on the sea bed.

is there a choice to be made when ordering food ?

Film Director's Ang Lee 's Against Cruelty 's Against Cruelty

Against Cruelty

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