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Bukit Tabur : Fatal Accident,, Where ??? Part 2

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Bukit Tabur : Fatal Accident Where Was It ??? Part 1

.................the very day Eric found something amissed.......posting dated march 31, 2009

We trekked towards the " carpet grass " at the end of Bukit Tabur ranges, went down the orchard downhill.

We kind of know the possible position the victims might have fall from on top of the mountain.

But we need to be sure by confirming the position from the foothill.

Trekking through the thickness of undergrowth in the orchard,

first to look out for us was, broken branches and fallen trees.

clearer pic of the broken branches.

and the bushes that had been threaded upon by the rescue team to evacuate the fall victims.

and bigger area which the rescue team had passed through

we looked up and it matched the place, exactly like what we had suspected was the location of the fall.

We were settled that the location at the foothill where the broken branches, fallen trees and the bushes threaded by the rescue team matched the location on top of the mountain which Eric had found something amissed.

Reaching the foothill via orchard, we discussed about it.

Aloysius, who had been up to Bukit Tabur 90 times, went to take photos from other angles from a high building nearby

I said, " Aloysius, take photos, if we can, show the trail from another angle, "

" there is a spot of ground with fresh debris fallen on it "

Just to confirm another time after we have confirm twice on the the spot that me & Eric had identified from on top of the mountain and foothill in our search of the possible spot the victims could have fall.

After a few shots, we downloaded the photos taken...

It looks like, he has got all the professional poses of a photographer,

The outcome of the photo shooting,

' Ada gaya saja '

and not too bad,

Against the backdrop of The Majestic Bukit Tabur, he captured lots and lots of big lumpy patches of thick jungle !

with His Lumix.

so is my camera,

which I complaint 2 separate times to the shopowner that there really is a problem in this camera.

Looks like I need to put down my feet on my third visit to him, once and for all tell him, I am disappointed with the camera you sold, either you listen to what i have to say and accept that this indeed is a manufacturing defect or never in my life will I buy another camera, same brand like what I complaint, more so from your shop.

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