Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gunung Benum Pahang Malaysia Part 4

Continued From Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum Pahang, Malaysia Part 3

The text of this expedition in blue is original writting of Dr. Hamdan

The Descent
On the third day, we had early breakfast so that our potters can pack up early to descend for ten hours. The rain slowed us down; I slipped down the cliff only to be stopped by the bushes and regained my strength to pull myself up back to the track. Someone pulled my backpack up, only to know how heavy it was. Descending in the rain on slippery mud track was no fun, and we took twelve hours to reach the first river crossing where the 4WD were waiting. By then it was dark and cold, everybody shivering, some sneezing from the cold. we reached Sg.Chalit by nine at night, changed to dry clothes and headed for a small stall for food. I reached home nearly midnight; it was raining all the way from Sg.Chalit to Bentong to KL. What a day, but what adventure we had.
. .
Our fingers and palms were all bruised from gripping rattan trees or caught in them by accident...ouch. It really hurts. And the worst were the leeches. They were everywhere. Even when washing the backpacks, my maid found ten of them stuck inside the pack. Why didn’t I see them … I don’t know. There are 15 leech marks on my feet now – very itchy.

Given what we have been through, all I can summarize is that, the trek is challenging. Had it not been for the rain, it would have been a little comforting at night and during trekking. Other than that it was real adventure. No doubt tough, but more fun than Gunung Tahan.

Ada nice comfy bed, you choose to sleep under flysheet in the rain.

Talibisyen besar besar, anything National Geography ada, you choose to be bruised by the rotan.

Air-cond rumah cangih-cangih, temperature bolih regulate, you choose to shiver and sneezed in cold,

balik komplain 15 leech marks on your feet,

and Dr. Hamdan, you sum up the Gunung Benum trip as

" it was real adventure. No doubt tough, but more fun than Gunung Tahan. "

....To be continued in Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum Pahang Part 5....

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