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Gunung Benum Pahang Malaysia Part 2

....Continued from Part 1..

Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum in Pahang, Malaysia

The text of this expedition in blue is original writting of Dr. Hamdan

Trekking up Gunung Benum is three times tougher than Gunung Tahan.Despite three days of trekking and sleeping in the rain, we managed to reach the peak, leaving half the group that gave up the following morning as we were conquering the summit. The trail looked as though it was last used more than a year ago; we had to cut our way through most times with many rattan and uprooted trees that blocked our way.Now I have a clearer picture of what was once a trail used by the communists.
The trip was planned by Mr. Wong and his wife Rosalind and I was invited to join this exclusive 15 members group. Partly due to food constraint and the other is of course accommodation in either tents or under flysheets which the porters could carry. Initially I was quite reluctant since it was a well known fact that this G.Benum is one of the toughest trekking trail known. Being a black area, it was opened up after the communist surrender in 1990. Hence, most of the tracks that are found inside this mountain used to be walking trails between stations for the communists. My first thoughts were that we might stumble on some undiscovered booby traps, and you can guess what that might do.

When Rosalind told me that the whole package would be undertaken by our usual organizer, a customs officer and a few assistants, I was relieved. That means we do not have to carry our own food or tents, except for water. Water supply is limited to our first night camp site only. From there we have to carry water for ourselves and about a litre each to be reserved for our meals at the summit.In that way, our cook won't be burdened with carrying water for two meals for 15 persons.

Super vehicle on a waterhighway

The Ascent

The trek would take two nights of camping; first day and the next at the summit, and the third day is all the way down. We spent five hours uphill to get to the base camp at the available water point. Trouble was, our guide, being there about a year ago, could not initially find the starting point since it has overgrown so much in one year. Thus we spent searching from the waterfall after crossing the river, a nylon line that was left there. From there the guide cut his way through the overgrown rattan and other undergrowths to make it easier for us to follow through. Half the time we are right at the cliff edge, down below is a one hundred metre drop to the river. The footpath was slippery (it was raining) and very soft, that everyone was sliding all over the place. By the time we reached the water point, it was drizzling heavily and dark. Mr Wong decided that we should stop here rather than let the porters carry extra water for the night's meals and the following day meals for fifteen people to a camp site another two hours up. What a good decision making that was.

To be Continued.............. Gunung Benum Pahang Part 3

From the writting of Dr Hamdan, it's easy to understand why he said climbing Gunung Benum is 3 x tougher than climbing Gunung Tahan.

It looks like he did the ASEND like The SUPERMAN !!!!, never stop to catch his breathe like his never stop in entry for his no paragraphing journal.

it was obvious too I have a 3 x difficulty level reading.

Apa mau buat, mata sudah kelabu !

....To Be Continued Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum Pahang, Malaysia Part 3...

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