Thursday, March 19, 2009

Someone Cut Off The Rope

We trekked up Bukit Tabur this morning

While we trekked past the location of First Rope, we saw the enhanced rope ( IN STRIPES OF RED & BROWN ) that we tied up to the main rope ( IN GREEN ) on february 14, 2009.

to help prevent accidents at the cliff,

It was there just barely one month, now it has been cut off from the main rope.

When was it cut off ??? we don't exactly know !!!

Why do this someone wants to do this ? has he a reason for doing so ?

Who could have done that ?

We have no idea.

It seems less likely that the rope was cut by the rock as the frays were so even, the rest of the entire rope is still neat & strong,

Looking at the cut rope hanging in the air in between the rock, we thought to ourselves,

well, the rope as a safety measure can be cut off, but who can cut off the care you exercise when climbing down the cliff.

Happy Trekking

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