Monday, March 23, 2009

Gunung Benum, Pahang Malaysia Part 1

Walking up Melawati Hill training for another trek, met Dr Hamdan who has just returned from Gunung Benum ( March 16, 2009 ) in Pahang.

"So how ? Gunung Benum"

"tough la, rained non stopped, the entire journey. "

" the hills are rolling, goodness gracious, felt like it's like climbing Gunung Nuang 9 to 10 times within the 3 days. "

" the last time the mountain guide came was a year ago, the overgrowth has covered the path. but he was good, went before us, chopped the bushes, then we moved ahead. "

" We were lost for half an hour before getting back to the intended trail."

" The camp site is so narrow and sloppy, we slept, slided down, moved up the sleeping site to slept, slided down, slept, slided down again... it was dangerous. "

" the best part was we realised the two sides are cliffs !!! "

" the place is not suitable for big crowd "

" My sleeping bag was wet, it added weight to the overpacked backpack I was carrying, 23-25 kilogram. "

" First night i slept 2 hours, second night slept 2 hours. "

" the ground was so soft, at some places, we sat down & slided our way."

" lots of crawling under the trees. "

" There were Sooooooooooooooooooo many leeches, I was pulling them one after another, sometimes, 10 to 15 at one go...."

" The leeches were sticking on my raincoat too."

" Rosalind your know, HAHA.. she was busy, hahaha...haha... hahaha.....

" my goodness, she was busy.... taking away the leeches........... "

" the pitcher plants, they are as big as my head, beautiful, superbly beautiful. "

" When my maid washed my backpack at home, she was screaming on top of her voice.....there was no less than 10 leeches stuck unto different parts of my dirty trekking backpack. "

So, the above was the experience from Dr. Hamdan, always, and at all times, a hilariuos company to be with, & good trekking buddy whichever trek we go.

" tough la, but it was fun "

When he say tough, no one should open his mouth to say otherwise.

This is the same man who cycled with his friends to Kota Bahru, Kelantan from Kuala Lumpur recently.

Upon reaching childhood home in Kota Bahru, his mother asked...

" mano kreto ? "

all he did was,...................

....... smiled

" datang menonggang aje..."

"Apo ? "

" basikal !! "

and she nearly fainted.

.....To Be Continued...Mountain Climbing : Gunung Benum Pahang Malaysia Part 2

Trekking Photos : Courtesy of Dr. Hamdan

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