Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Flower Blooms, Is For A Moment

The housing estates are bursting with beautiful flowers of many colors.

One of my favorite is the Golden Yellow Shower Tree ( it's also called Yellow Shower, Indian Laburnum)

In Mandarin, it's called 阿勃勒 La chang shu.

Botanical name : Cassia fistula

It's English name 英名:Golden Shower TreeYellow Shower, Indian Laburnum

Japanese name 日名:Nanban saikachiナンバンサイカチ、アボツロク、ゴールデンシャワー


Nanban saikachi is used as an ornamental and shade tree around houses; on the edges of

roads; and in the streets, parks, and gardens of towns.


,普遍種植於全球熱帶及亞熱帶區, 作為庭園樹及行道樹。果實可食用及藥用,葉片是銀紋淡黃蝶幼蟲的食餌。

The sweet pulp is used as a mild laxative. An infusion of the fruit is used to dissolve kidney stones.

The wood is used for firewood in rural areas. The wood is hard, heavy, strong, and durable;

and is used for poles and handles for farming implements and in cabinet-making and


The bark is used to tan hides.

It is the national flower of Thailand, and is called Dok Khuen

It is the state flower of the Kerala in India, locally known as kanikkonna.

It is the beautiful flower tree that brightens up the sometimes grey sky in Malaysia

- [ (KASS-ee-uh) from an ancient Greek name Kasia used by Dioscorides; (FIST-yoo-luh) hollow, tube-like ]
Synonyms: Bactyrilobium fistula Willd. • Cassia bonplandiana DC. • Cassia excelsa Kunth • Cassia fistuloides Colladon • Cassia rhombifolia Roxb. • Cathartocarpus excelsus G.Don
Family: Fabaceae (pea, or legume family)
- [ (fab-AY-see-ay) the Faba (broad bean) family, (formerly Leguminosae) ]

Common names of Cassia fistula:
Chinese: 阿勃勒 A bo le (Taiwan), La chang shu
Danish: Roerkassia
Dutch: Kassie
English: Cassia, Cassia pods, Cassia Stick Tree, Golden Rain, Golden shower, Golden shower tree, .Indian laburnum. Pudding pipe tree, Pudding-pine tree (Thailand), Purging cassia, Purging fistula
French: Bâton casse, Canéficier, Casse, Casse fistuleuse, Cassier, Douche d'or, Faux caroubier, Kas dous (Creole - Caribbean)
German: Indischer Goldregen, Röhrenkassie, Roehrenkassie, Rohrenkassie
Hindi: अमलतास Amaltas , bendra lathi, dhanbaher, dhanbohar
Japanese: Nanban saikachi
Italian: Cassia
Laotian: Khoun
Malayalam: Vishu konnai
Manipuri: Chahui
Marathi: बहावा Bahava
Nepalese: Amaltash, Rajbriksya
Norwegian: Kasja
Portuguese: Cássia
Spanish: Cañafístula, Cassia purgante, Casia fistula, Laburno de la India, Lluvia dorada, Lluvia de oro
Tamil: கொன்ற Konrai
Thai: Koun
and, unknown: Butor, canafistula, Casse-Habitant, Casse Espagnole, Cassie, ch'ang kuo tzu shu, chacara, gouden regen, Guayaba Cimarrona, gurmala, kachang kayu, Kaisai, kallober, Kas, keyok, klober, klohur, samyaka, sember hiyari agaci.

Looking at the research done to name this plant, indeed there are many names to call this same flower tree...

...depending on which country and languages.....

Can anyone claims that they own the right to name it ?

No, It should not be so !

Does it mean the properties of the flowers and the tree will reduce its value if another called it by the same name ?

I doubt so !

Let the flower tree be a sight of beauty ,

Let it shows a bursting of life to all.

Let it exudes the natural fragrance for all who appreciates it,

Flower blooms is but for a moment,

Let it be called the same name or by any other names.

- Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database
- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Note: Identification or description may not be accurate; it is subject to your review.

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