Monday, March 30, 2009

Thanks For Dropping By

I am now walking like chopsticks made from bamboo.

Ability to edge my feet forward is no more than 6-8 inches wide,

Ability to lift up legs is within the range 2-4 inches high,

Ability to squat is zero,

If need be, can manage by bending forward 30 degrees to 45 degrees and successfully tilt to 90 degrees in sharp angle.

Getting up after sitting is torturing.

Sleep is disturbed,

with dreams filled with sights of mud puddles,

with feelings like dragging feet out of mud puddles,

even though my jelly knees are firmly locked on two pillows on comfy bed.

Sorry !! There won't be postings until further notice, thanks for dropping by.

Have been trekking for 22 hours in the past 48 hours in , Gunung Yong Blar borders of Perak/Kelantan on March 28-29 , 2009

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