Thursday, April 24, 2008

Challenges, I will embrace you

Planted a rosemary herbal plant in the flower pot next to a chilli tree, as the chilli tree has shed all the leaves, i decided to trim away all its branches, and after some days the shoots started to grow, placing the two pot of plants side by side, it looks like the rosemary herb extend all her branches like hands reaching out embracing something.

I was inspired

Challenges, I will embrace you.

Like the fragile shoots,

welcoming ….

The dark clouds that holds the rain,

& the heavy storm that strikes in vain;

Living may seems to be difficult,

Yet the fragile shoots, will grow make a difference in the tree’s life.

Challenges, How will I embrace you ???

With a heart filled with determination

With a mind devoted in anticipation

With a breathe of preparedness,

And a courage to act

With persistency I shall attain

Hold on to wise old saying, “No Pain is No Gain”

It's not that i like pain, when it comes,

with any unknown dimension, I will not faint….

Obstacles, I will look right into your eyes

Staying true & standing tall,

I will say to you challenges, in no time you will fall.

Life is a series of challenges, a challenge, with another challenge, and another challenge, and many many challenges, unending challenges...

No matter how difficult it is, definately, we will get it all through

Keep me Lord, to never quit & never let me go....,

........away from You

nothing is impossible,

for me to make a difference in life; in the world around my bee hives.

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