Monday, May 12, 2008

Gunung Kinabalu, We are ready for the challenge

Are you ready ??????

Recollecting what have been done for the past 8-12 months or so trekking as a group preparing to go Gunung Kinabalu, i think we have come a long way.

Asked each individual participant, which track he /she enjoyed most & the answer is.......

Our handsome watermelon Lau said Gunung Irau in Cameron Highland, Pahang is exciting, muds, and moss, muds and moss, if you are not careful with your steps, your shoes will stuck in the deep smudgy moss. That's exciting to him.

So he joked, For Gunung Irau, best to wear Phua Chu Kang's yellow boots if you can.

Mind you, there was a group of veteran trekkers of uncles and aunties, most of them are vegetable farmers from cameron as they introduced themselves, all of them wore waterproof rubber boots as their hiking & trekking boots.

Just wondered if they are also fans of Phua Chu Kang sitcom from Singapore.

Or they met the sitcom STAR who suggested to help advertise his trademark bright yellow boots to be mountain trekking boots for Gunung Irau

Agreed with you Nick, Gunung Ayam was one of the best experience we had, vividly remember that it was raining dogs & cats for almost two hours before reaching the summit, after trekking for 4-5 hours, soaked & wet and the cold wind, made some shivered........but refreshed without having to take bath at the river.

Upon reaching the peak, everyone was waiting for the porter..................

and ......he......

.......and he........

never arrived !!!

The smart guy went some where else............

he went to Gunung Stong instead of the destinated Gunung Ayam.

Well, efforts were made to locate him and alas, it was presumed that he can't crossed the river as the water level swelled so high.

So, we were without food the entire cold & chilly night but yet we had so much fun and our laughter then could be heard far far away.

Amelia commented, " it's so interesting to see the adults being so frantic...haha....

Why not ??? the snacks we had with us were fed to the children first !!!!

Anyway, it was one of the best experience trekking in the rain, after this experience, any sign of rain in any track, coming or not , sup sup .

Cheerio !!!

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