Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Andrew Loh Zhu An

Knowing Andrew, who studies at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania in USA was when Amelia was doing her college application essay.

Just know that Andrew is a high achiever , I bet you will be speechless when you read his resume.

Don't believe me ?

To sum up what someone said. He is " SCARY ".

Do You know the meaning of " SCARY " ???? Just google up " Andrew Loh Zhu An " will get you the answer.

I have been wanting to meet him personally for so long to say " thank you " for the help he rendered to Amelia in the process of her US College application.

Finally we met in Sunway when we brought our guest Mr. Ahmet from Turky to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre.

The first few greetings and words Andrew spoke to Mr. Ahmet, uttered in Turkish language had Mr. Ahmet laughed so heartily that they created an almost instant rapport.

Following that they talked to each other in Arabic which had even some of the tourists at the Archery Centre spelled bound.

Focus, no two way about what he wants, strategic thinker, stop to take stock in life.

What a fine young man Andrew is, someone who strives not only to be an achiever academically, but be available to some worthy causes, touching life and leaving impact on others' life ( Swarthmore Bosnia Project etc....)

You ask my first impression of him, well, as he is peers with Amelia, he is such a Happy Kid to me.

then, you may ask, doesn't he has any worry ?

Oh.....on that, I am sure he has many.

To lessen his worry, I offered to help keep all his appointments, doing selection and screening through on all the candidates who wants to meet him.

He gladly accepted my offer and mind you, within very short time, the records show the booking of almost 120 pages and there are more entries which i have a hard time choosing.


all Leng Loi,


wants to be sitting next him for fine dining & enjoying a doze of good jokes.

You are required to contact me, to check his availablity. My advice with one simple condition, if you are not celebrity red flaming hot, please, don't bother to call.


Is he one ???

I was dumb folded when I found the below on Andrew , click here.

The meaning of Andrew :
adjective. smart, dumb, intelligent, retarded, clever, stupid, bright, dull, witty, tounge-tied, shrewd, stuttering, slow, quick-witted, moronic, autistic, lively, outspoken, eloquent, dense, daft, idiotic, foolish, thick, spirited, sharp, vigourous, rude, arrogant, pompous, bloated, ostentatious, boastful, inflated, direct, brave, cowardly, gullible, free, free-spirited, burdened, depressed, optimistic, pessimistic, defensive, creative, innovative, irritating, annoying, impossible, infuriating, shy, loud, displeasing, norm-challenging, harassive, irksome, troublesome, vexatious, worrisome, provocative, impatient, pleasant, diplomatic, unreserved, trouble-making, short, defiant, fickle, shallow, timid, audacious, brainless, indoctrinated, indoctrinatory, proud, exploitative, zesty, humourous, anal-retentive, rebellious, lame, innocuous, dangerous, explosive, spontaneous, adaptable, stubborn, pig-headed, nervous, offensive, pestering, useless, ironic, paradoxical.

You're so Andrew!

To all the young man & young woman,

just like Andrew does,

and do take stocks in life, to persue something....., after some strategic thinking of sort.

Sometimes, It's good to stop & wipe your sweat, even when a target or mark is missed.

Let no man despise your youth, but be.............1 Timothy 4 :12

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