Sunday, December 20, 2009

Faith-walks-meet-faith-the-twolegged-canine motivator

December 22 will be Faith the two legged canine's 7th birthday.,

Happy Birthday Faith

A normal dog has four legs,


Faith has only two................

Despite her physical condition, this two legged cannine lives the extra-ordinary life, together with her owner, Jude Stringfellow, lit up many little flames of inspiration, awakening faith & bringing hope to meaningful living.

Hi Jude & Rueben, thanks for sharing Faith.

I picked up the story through BrandX blog from Goggle news.

I was inspired.

I hope you too.

Faith walks: Meet Faith, the two-legged canine motivator
12:43 PM PT, Dec 17 2009


This photo released by Anthony M. Tortoriello shows Faith a two-legged dog walkING down Michigan Ave to the wonderment of the human pedestrians. (AP Photo/Anthony M. Tortoriello)

brandX blog
Faith was born in a junkyard in December 2002. Stringfellow's then-17-year-old son, Reuben, rescued the scrappy pup, and with the help of peanut butter, mother and son taught her to walk on her hind legs. Since then, Faith has grown to be somewhat of a celebrity on the talk-show circuit -- even Oprah had the dog on -- and Stringfellow has become a motivational speaker and the author of two books. Many of the stops Faith and Stringfellow make are to the rehabilitation wards of veterans hospitals to cheer wounded soldiers.

From the Associated Press story:

For many, Faith brings a powerful message about overcoming adversity. "Faith has shown me that different is beautiful, that it is not the body you are in but the soul that you have," Jill Salomon of Montreal, Canada, wrote on Faith's website.

Stringfellow will never forget a woman from New York who happened to see Faith on a street corner. She was depressed and had lost both legs to diabetes.

"She was in her wheelchair and saw us. She was crying. She had seen Faith on television. She just held her and said she wished she had that kind of courage." Stringfellow said. "She told us: 'I was on my way to pick up the gun.' She handed the pawn ticket to a police officer and said she didn't need it anymore."

That sense of hope is especially important for Faith's visits to Army bases. Last weekend she headed to Washington state, where she met with as many as 5,000 soldiers at McChord Air Force Base and Ft. Lewis. Some of the soldiers were headed to war, some were coming back.

"She just walks around barking and laughing and excited to see them all," Jude Stringfellow said. "There is a lot of crying, pointing and surprise. From those who have lost friends or limbs, there can be silence. Some will shake my hand and thank me, some will pat her on the head. There is a lot of quiet, heartfelt, really deep emotion."

As the saying goes, "Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened." I don't know who said that, but truer words were never spoken:Richard Metzger


jude said...

Hello! This is Jude. yes, you can download from my site the photos that you need. thank you for blogging about my little girl.

The trekker, agnes said...

Merry Christmas Jude, & thanks, have a good doggy "faithful" year. God Bless You.