Thursday, January 6, 2011

She lived her life with flying colours

She lived her life with flying colours.

Chen Chow emailed informing about the late Yen Kee's death, there was so much pain and numbness as I gazed into the email content.

The second person who passed me the news was Ms Lye of Guangmin Daily.

Ms Lye was the liason officer whom we later bacame friend after we were done doing our bit with fund raising ( details here ) in aid of the late Yen Kee's medical expenses for her bone marrow transplant.

Neither of us know her personally, but after her plight for medical aid was highlighted, many responded to her call for help.

Some of these friends that i have befriended were new and we hardly know each other, but their kindness came in abundance in response to her need.

Swee Lan, you were one of the donors who responded so quickly to her plight, your kindness did go a long way & may God bless you richly.

We put together a simple video to encourage her, the experience that i had was more than collecting the donation, it was the enthusiasm, the love, the care & the concern that others shown in helping her overwhelmed me.

We were so full of hope for the late Yen Kee.

I called few times to encourage her to move on strongly.

I was touched. as she spoke with gratefulness and thankfulness in her heart, and lived life with such positive outlook awaiting for donors to her bone marrow transplanting.

News of her passing on, swirled us family into a pool of why,... why,.... why...... and how come....., and more why of which no one could answer us.

An intelligent child who passed her exam with flying colours, awaiting to go to Czech Republic to study medicine to fulfill her dream of becoming a medical doctor.

We hope that the letter she has written to the health minister will open gate to improve healthcare, for those who needs medical attention with regards to bone marrow transplanting.

Her letter highlighting the weaknesses in the current healthcare system that hindered her chance for survival, her hope to see changes, her desire to have other patients who suffers like her to have better chances of survival, and her action in bringing up the plight to higher authority, is truly commendable.

Her caring spirit lives on.

This is the legacy you left behind, Yen Kee, May you rest in peace.

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