Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bukit Kutu Kuala Kubu Baru ( 3,456 ft)

In conquering fear,
It is to face up the fear upfront
Throughout the journey,
You will find
The meaning of courage & fear

What is flourishing courage,
What is fear.

Notice the living branch,
The twigs may look dead
but there are leaves on it.

Picture description
The tree stand tall at the edge of rock at the summit of Bukit Kutu, half of the tree withered and the other half is flourishing with green leaves.


Bukit Kutu,
was a unknown hill we bound,
We went along with those trekking guys;
Until at the end of trip we found…….
feet that our body attached to,
No longer listened to our command.

first it was so difficult,
to even climb back to the car seat,
without to mention, for the following week,
we need both hands to lift our feet, even just to walk.

It was great discovery in the next many days & weeks,
How we have been so weak & unfit.
We really need to overcome the ' supposedly ' defeat,

We never attempt Bukit Kutu, for at least the following whole year.

At the back of our mind, to go back there , deep in our heart, there was an unspoken fear.

Bukit Kutu, when we came to you in 2006.
the task was as gigantic as your awesome granite rocks

Bukit Kutu, when we bid farewell to 2007,
We had, in different places,
attempted some others boulders & difficult rocks.
Now that we think,
not that we have attained all,
The task to Bukit Kutu, relatively aint that hard.

Goodbye 2007, goodbye,
Bukit Kutu, we appreciate you,
It started us enjoying hills & mountain climbing,
& in the nature now we can sing

Fear, O fear where art thy sting ???


Date : December 23, 2007
Destination : Bukit Kutu
Nature : River crossings, steep sections and crawling under fallen bamboo obstacles make
Bukit Kutu unique and interesting.
Estimated Time : We made it 8.30am - 4 pm (7.5 hours To & Fro including lunch & bath at the river)

Remarks : Bukit Kutu was the first experience into the world of trekking for me & Alex.

Back then in 2006, at the end of the Kutu trip, it was a few days of torture.
( In simple words, it was so torturous to lift our legs, to walk in small steps, worst still if you need to squart !!! )

looking back NOW,

Hei ! Not bad, we have improved.

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