Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Take Out the Rubbish

These empty food wrappers, printed with "Jangan Buka Sebelum Makan" were thrown everywhere in Kemensah Trail in Klang Gate. well, it will takes million of years for these to turn into petroleum, anyone to confirm this ?

It is eyesores & disheartening to see rubbish thrown everywhere along the beautiful jungle tracks by inconsiderate trekkers.

The picture above, is to bring a message of awareness, whatever you can take in to the jungle, please take them out especially if it is non-perishable.

Empty plastic bottles, aluminium drink cans, plastic food covers, plastic canister if these do not originate from there, out they should be from the jungle.

We want to especially advise that used batteries must be taken out from the jungle as it will pollute water source through the rivers that flows downstream.

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