Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tambunan Homestay Sabah

Map Of Sabah

Location Of Tambunan and Kota Kinabalu

Propasal on Homestay in Tambunan after Mount Kinabalu climb

Tambunan is the Switzerland of The East

I am now in the process of coordinating to occupy the remaining two days that we have in Kota Kinabalu city after the Mount Kinanbalu climb, have something interesting and please give me your input so that we can have a funfilled and enjoyable trip.

While most prefer leisure rather than another climb elsewhere, i would suggest we do a homestay in Tambunan, Tambunan, according to a comment, is said to be Switzerland of the East, well, it's for us to find out about it.

If we choose homestay, with aim to experience the local life, It will definately be a unique adventure and fascinating experience for us city folks in Kuala Lumpur.

Some activities includes

Visits to the local market on local produce
lunch with host of homestay
visit to bamboo factory/ Bamboo Craft Centre &
Tapai factory/ Rice Wine Factory
visit to mysterious gong
mandi sungai
cultural & traditional dance presentation by host
celebrating the Harvest Festival with the locals ( Once a year celebration in Sabah )
Visit and sample traditional food at the traditonal houses.

You can even try your hand in paddy planting if you choose and it can be arranged with the organiser.

awaiting your input.

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