Sunday, September 7, 2008

Climbed Gunung Tahan

Climbing Gunung Tahan Vs Updating Blog- A comparison

Climbing Gunung Tahan, via Merapuh, starting from Kompleks Taman Negara Pahang in Sg Relau, to Camp Kor, to Camp Botak and many other various camps until we reached the peak to snap a glorious photo and said

“ Yes,….we made it ”.


Updating the blog on the topic of our climb on Gunung Tahan, expressed them interestingly, on trekking that particular track.

and said

“ Ok, it’s done.”

You ask me in comparison, the journey of climbing or updating the blog entry, which is more challenging?

Trekking is more challenging ? or blog entry is more challenging ???

To answer this, let’s look at the time taken for the two tasks,

On Climbing Gunung Tahan August 16, 2008 to August 19, 2008

Trekking started August 16, 2008, we were at the Taman Negara Park Headquarters at Sg Relau, Merapuh Pahang early in the morning, registering, checking of baggages, recording all items in your bag, it took almost half a day, the park officer just wanted to ensure everyone will be responsible to take out all rubbish plus the stuffs taken into the jungle,

waiting…..& waiting

and we hoped into the jeep,


and we crossed some rivers,

up & down some mountain ranges, at least 4-5 major one,

Housekeeping…Ooops Campsite keeping

the stops we rested

identified the water points at Camp Kor & Camp Botak

camped at base camp Kem Kor first night ( August 16, 2008 ),

continue second day trekking, reached Kem Botak and camped there second night (August 17, 2008 ),

scaled up to the peak early in the morning August 18, 2008

the weather

The achievement

and trekked down all the way to Kem ??? ( I forgot ) for a night ( August 18, 2008),

returned to the park headquarters next morning on August 19, 2008

it was a mere 3 days affair covering approximately 66 KM, it was challenging but simple & straight forward agendas.

Nevertheless, on updating blog entry,

from the time we came back to KL, I was thinking what to write, so hours passed, reason was physical exhaustion, muscle hard like stones......... justifiable !

Then days came & went by like the streams of water in Gunung Tahan..

I continued to think what to write…at least gained half strength throughout these days, no more canned sardines & white rice & fried bee hoon with chillies, which tasted superb when we ate our lunch & dinner in the jungle.

But the daily responsibilities & activities surrounding the children, the business, the housework, are like the uncounted number of stones in the rivers...........excusable!

….what to write into the blog on the subject of Gunung Tahan ?... I was thinking hard,

think, thinking, .....still thinking as i persue

........explain the half clear & half blur........within my heart.

& thinking as I persue…….if ever there is such word I will say “persue-able”!

The process of thinking continued; now am running out of appropriate vocab end with the “ …ble”,……which shows continuous tense of thinking……..and wanting to write……then a week passed, since persuable is accepted with no complaint from anyone, I might as well, add this to my vocabulary, persevarable !!!!!! another word, which sounds a little like.....lame excuse,

but the mind is clear, I am still thinking..

Rosalind & Wong came one day, said, " Agnes, we have important things to discuss with you, .......bla..bla........bla.......Mt.Rinjani, Lombok in November ? ?????."

" .....have to ask my boss la, he is the one paying........"

Oh, my state of mind was changed,

My inspiration, no more the stones & the rivers, it's fire now........

I heard Wong said, " Mt Rinjani, something like volcanoes, you surf the net la.... !!"

"Oh....I see, have to ask Alex, may be we will go together. "

It was a good old three weeks taken to update the blog.

So, inference to draw : 3 days trekking versus 3 weeks to update blog

jungle trekking is challenging, of course it is without a doubt;

but....blogging is even more challenging.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kaki Daki
Make sure you wash your feet after climbing!!I can not imagine the "dirt and mud " this trip around though I remembered the one you showed me last time. Bukan main!!!!!
I think I can promise myself to join you next trip when I go back to KL A request may be for a local small scale climbing,Boleh kah?