Friday, October 17, 2008

Temporary Insomnia Due To Accident In Bukit Tabur

Trekking Accidents in Bukit Tabur Oct 12, 2008

It caused me temporary insomnia for 3 nights.

Why didn't I sleep well.

The experience of how frantic we went down from The Carpet Grass ( popular destination for rest almost towards the end of Bukit Tabur ) through The Orchard Way after receiving a call from Eric saying a girl fell off the cliff,

to the lingering overwhelmed emotion when we saw her lied there motionless with no response & unconscious with a big open cut at the forehead, sent chills down my spine and goose-pimples as I was tossing & turning trying to get some sleep.

From how we had yelled on top of our lungs to get her at least to open her eyes flashed non stop in my mind.

It was also then, a scary memory that I have long forgotten came flashing back, an experience that I was so embarrassed to mention to anyone.

I marvelled how it resurfaced at that very moment after a lapsed of 30 years at that particular moment when we sighted the victim in the bushes at the base of the cliff.

Janice and I were dormitory mates during our Form Six days. She had accidentally fell into the toilet and cut the vein of her heel. Blood was ozzing out ferrociously & it was non-stop bleeding....

The ambulance came and I hopped with her into the van to the hospital. Everything was OK, when the doctor opened her wound again, I remembered vividly thatI hold her hands tight, squeezed her arm asked her not to be scared.

Next............& Thereafter..............

AH !

it was....

.it was..... was..... was..... was.....

I woke up from the hospital bed………….

instead of Janice,

I fainted !!!!!

Later the dormitory warden sent me back in her car to the dorm for rest as I was too weak to walk even though the hospital is within walking distance from the school dormitory.

Janice went on to study nursing after that.

We have lost touch since.

This time around, after some 30 good years of living, life does made us thougher.

Everyone present there, indeed put in effort to get the girl out of danger.

Thank You The Paramedic Team,
Thank You The Police Team,
Thank You The Rescue 999 Team
Thank You Aloysius, Eric & Uncle Chong & Mr. Lau,
Thank You Rosalind, Su Hooi, Jenny, Angelin & Eva,
Thank You A Kuan, Siow Hui, Myron & A Kam,
Also Thank You to any other names not mentioned but have a hand in helping.

Definately, it's God, who has gave us strength, to go beyond our fear & limitations

to go beyond the challenges in any terrain, whether in the mountain or in our life

to see beyond the many things that has blinded our eyes,

to the beyond this...,

to the beyond that........;

to the etc...etc......etc....of the beyond,

that we may fulfill His purpose, as a " STAND IN " between His Grace, His Mercy, His Power and someone that is in need.

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