Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Robbery Encounters While Trekking Part 1

Oct 24, 2008 8 am

Part 1

We trekked up Bukit Tabur with a team of policemen to the scene where the accident happened.

Stopping at the first rope, the police team wasdoing their investigating work. while they were busy taking photos of the accident scenes, we continued our journey.

5 of us proceeded towards the cliff after the first rope.........

Scaled passed the cliff after the first rope, I noticed one of the boy was wearing saggy baggy hip hop fashionable pants, tactfully telling him the potential dangers

“ why not you tie up the hook of your pants,

“Ya, just now I tripped a few times. ”

I was relieved that he is so receptive, then on the saggy length of the pants,

We continued trekking & joking and having fun.

“ Eric, there are 4 persons who look suspicious to us trekking up Bukit Tabur, I think they might be armed with weapons.…..” Soo Hui called & tipped us off.

Feeling potential danger was lurking. Asked Eric to call to determine where she has seen them.

Soo Hui replied that when both she & the husband saw the suspects were trekking towards the foothill.

All the three Sedaya college students had just watched Eric on how to scaled down the second rope

being their first time trekking Bukit Tabur, all of them were excited with no certainty on what to expect on the journey ahead.

Guess their adrenalin were still pumping fast after scaling passed down the cliff when they also heard the conversation between Eric & Soo Hui.

Then, I sensed danger was lurking as the suspects were weapon wielding.

Hanging……………… in between the slope………,

Shall we continue ?

Or shall we stop & back-trek ? will it be us encountering a day light robbery ?

Somehow, not wanting to alarm each other, we contained ourselves.

Continued trekking & when; about to scale up a steep slope, to the top of another mountain range, worried that two of their friends who chose not to continue the journey earlier, might be in danger & harm, or the boys be abducted, captured and held as hostages ?

“ It’s better we back-trek so at least we can be with your two friends, may be to rescue them. ”

talking as if we are heroes.

“ Lets stay close together and trek back ”

Actually inside, we perceived danger and were fearful.

The three first timers have little choice but to follow,

All of us back-trekked, passed the second rope, then.........................

TO BE CONTINUED in Pt 2...................

Note : We do not go round checking anybody's attire while they trek, the above illustrations is to help new trekkers understand better the potential danger of some attire that can pose dangers while trekking in Bukit Tabur.

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