Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bukit Tabur Back Trekking

Eric, is our best buddy in trekking.

If you have fainting spell, he has the ointment, if you are hungry, snacks are ever ready, if you are thirsty, he will check if you need a refill. The best name to sum him up, and we are not a bit boastful : he is the walking 7-Eleven, the one of a kind mobile convenient store of Bukit Tabur.

Well, give him a break, please do not take him for a ride

Aloysius keeps record of how many times he treks up Bukit Tabur, he said this is his habit since army days, keeping records of everything he does, since july 2007, to date, Aloysius has recorded going up Bukit Tabur 75 times.

It is excellent for a senior citizen of his age. well, you may say, may be he was an army before & has all the training, i guess partly it is true.

As for Eric, he doesn't keep record on the number of times he has been trekking up Bukit Tabur, we could say the number of times he treks in Bukit Tabur shall be at least 2 x 75 times the same period like that Aloysius trekked.

How the figure derived ? It has become his habit to trek twice a week, some Saturday if there is no long distance out-station trekking etc....; and if there is public holiday during the week, he will be there too.

I was thinking, if some good samaritan can sponsor Eric a good hammock, a rainproof tent, with windows to gaze the stars on the moonlit night, a make shift kitchen, i guess he would be most happy to live a nomad at the Bukit Tabur range, chooses his own spot of preference, trekking down to work during the day and trek back to his tent at night..........

Am I right to say this Eric ???

He would be the best candidate to have in this posting, share on trekking safely at some of the challenging spots.

let's get back to the main aim of this post, there are two ways to go back after trekking in Bukit Tabur

1) After finishing the entire range , with a break at carpet grass, you can trek downhill via the orchard.


2) Do a back-trekking ( You start the journey via Klang Gate, reach the carpet grass, back-trekking from carpet grass to dam entrance again )

This picture shows Eric do a back-trekking at the cliff after the first rope.


How Eric does his back trekking

( click on the picture for clearer view )

More pics later ...................


The information provided herein is purely from the experiences we gathered in trekking Bukit Tabur, we do not claim them as the only way, We WILL NOT BE and CANNOT BE held responsible for any mishaps and/or accidents whatsoever arising from your trekking here.

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