Friday, October 17, 2008

Bukit Tabur : WaysTo Climb Down at First Rope

Climbing down the first cliff via Rope

The first cliff ( First Rope )
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There is a tree at the first rope & two pieces of ropes hanging down from the tree

We normally refer to the location as First Rope.

1) Assisting Children scaling down first cliff

On Using Robes

It would also be helpful that care is taken to ensure the ropes are hanging in between the two rocks, when one scale down the cliff using the rope,

Do not let the robes hang from the right side of the rock.
with body weight, the robe may swings like pendulum towards the right side of the rock of which below is the vertical cliff, it is very very dangerous.

BEST, & BE AWARE to move towards left rock at all times, away from the edge of the cliff at the right rock.

if at all, anybody loose balance and swings towards the right side of the right rock, such situation can happen, please remember never, never, never & never to let go of the rope.

Don't get panic & Hold on to the robe tight with all your might, be calm

and slowly get back to the left rock & manouver from there.

It will at least reduce the risk of imbalance which leads to falling down.

2) Scaling down first cliff without using robes
Mr. Lau (The Watermelon man)

2) Scaling down the cliff without using the rope
Mr. Chan (The Watermelon Sifu)

Mr Lau & Mr. Chan, with ice-chilled watermelon 6-8 Kg in their bag, scale down the cliff without the rope.

"Huah !! so heavy, can ah ???? "

"sup sup sooi le " will be his answer, " if you feel your bag is the weight that hinders you coming down, pass to another person la !! " just a straight answer from him.

( Travel light when you trek, is the best advise, take only the necessary, for Bukit Tabur 1 to 1.5 liter of water will be sufficient, and some light snacks just in case hunger pangs strike. )

If you happened to be there when they are around, not only will you get to eat the juicy watermelon, but also you will learn a tip of two about the skin beauty tips using watermelon skin & they will tell you too, when is the best season to eat this fruit.

Both of them will normally manouver themselves in between the two rocks at the " first rope " & edge themselves towards left side of the rock, without using rope to scale down to get themselves move on to the next stage.

3 Scaling down by edging entire body towards left rock.

This is most suitable for trekker with slender build.

4) Another clever way is to use backside, sit-slidding, sit- slidding down from the left rock

In summary
We notice, if trekker chooses to come down via first rope

1) Most seasoned trekker will try to avoid the vertical cliff at the right side of the rock which is estimated at 100 Meter to 150 meters verticle down.
2) Most trekker would manouver in all ways by edging to the left rock to move forward to their next destination.


The information provided herein is purely from the experiences we gathered in trekking Bukit Tabur, we do not claim them as the only way, We WILL NOT BE and CANNOT BE held responsible for any mishaps and/or accidents whatsoever arising from your trekking here.


Jare said...


I'm planning to go to Bukit Tabur one staurday. And I'm planning to go alone. Do you think it's ok? i actually have no experience in rock climbing and stuff. hehe. I just wanted to try it.

Tan agnes said...

hi jare,
bukit tabur is relatively easy trek if you are fit, normally on saturday there is always big crowd of enthusiatic trekkers, you won't be alone. enjoy y/self, please be careful too.