Tuesday, October 28, 2008

来点不同的, 为筱清, 为筱清的朋友 冲冲喜

来点不同的, 为筱清, 为筱清朋友, 冲冲喜

For the past few postings, everything was about Bukit Tabur, the jungle terrains of Bukit Tabur and how to safely climb at certain spots etc...

Let's have something different from Jungle Trekking & Mountain Climbing , hope the magic bean and how it smiles will bring joy to Siow Ching, recovering fast from the accident.

Magic Bean in The Tin Can

Smiley Magic Bean

It was a miracle on how she survived the 150 feet fall, it was another miracle how we found her , in a state of unconsciousness; at the foot hill which she fell 150 feet fall, no one can explained.

Our frantic shout of her names echos through the mountains and cliff, it was indeed a group effort that she was evacuated from the place of accident.

May she has a speedy recover, just like how fast the Magic Bean grows .

And smiles always.

After two days, the Magic Bean sprouted, two young beautiful shoots on the smiley bean.

Three days old Magic Bean with its green shoots.

Four Days old Magic Bean

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gren said...

The girl really blessed! Thanks to those which give a warm and helpful hand on that accident.
Trekking are very fun and adventure sports, enjoy it but must always be v careful!