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Robbery Encounters While Trekking Part 2

Part 2 : The Trekkers, The Police & The Robbers

From the previous post,

…….then imagination ran wild,

“ Hei, if we were to back-trek, we will meet the robbers face to face, isn’t it more dangerous than we flee from them ? ”

Eric agreed “ OK , better we trek towards the carpet grass direction and we go downhill via the orchard .”

So, all agreed that we should flee from meeting the robbers face to face by trekking to carpet grass & down another route via the orchard.

Also, knowing that Uncle Chong & Eva were on their way back to the foothill,, we kind of decided against our initial idea.

We trekked towards the direction of the second rope again, by now the three of the first timer scaled down the second rope with ease and we were on our way to carpet grass.

“ I want to drink water, ” Zen took out his hot flask.

In my two years of trekking in Bukit Tabur, this is the first time I see this type of cute looking flask, big & gigantic in size being brought here.

No other intention, I said, “ Wow, you really can drink so much hot water huh !!”

“ Ya, we came prepared to drink coffee up on this mountain this morning, we actually started our journey 6 am for the sunrise…”

“Did you see the sunrise ? ”

“No, we are late ! ”

“OH !! Depending on your trekking speed, normally, if you want to watch the sunrise, better to start your journey 5.15am - 5.30 am. from the Klang Gate foothill. ”

“Ya, we came with this torch, ” he took out a big huge torchlight,

I almost burst out but managed a control.

“ The best torch to use in Bukit Tabur will be a head torch, (like what the rubber tapper is using when they tap rubber trees in the dark), Head torch is used on your head, and your hands are free to grap the rock when you need to. ”

“Oh !!!”

And we continued trekking after the hot sip, & transferred some of the weight in their bags to ours.

Melawati police No is 03-41081222, store this number into your sim card just in case anyone of us need to call. ” a good idea indeed.

Pressure build up,

““ I think we take out our memory card from the camera and also keep our sim card separate from our hand phone.”

“ if the robbers want our camera, and our handphone, just hand them over, at least we have the memory card where the photos can still be recovered. ” another supposedly smart idea,

“ If we take out the sim card, how to call ? ” someone asked,

“ Oh ya, not all of us shall take the sim card out la ”

I don’t exactly know who took their sim card out..............,

“ call Soo Hui or Uncle Chong again to check the position of the robbers. " definitely Eric's sim card is still intact in his mobile .

“……………..” no response,

“……………..” no line,

“ Call again, see if we can get the line ? "

“………hullo hullo……”


“……....” The line went dead

“….…….” No response


“…….Chong, where are you now ?”

“Chong, can you hear me ? "

" ……Chong, did you see the robbers ? ”

Eric off his phone as there was no line there.

Eric called again when almost reaching the carpet grass.

" Chong, did you see the robbers ? "

"“Robbers ? "

" What robbers ? " Uncle Chong asked ;

" Eric,...... we met two boys, one of them, his hand is cramped, …….?' i am helping him now................” The line fainted off.




By then we reached the junction of the carpet grass and the trail to the orchard.

Walking downhill,

“ the slope is steep and slippery, it was raining heavily, let’s be very careful.

let’s not talk too loudly, may be the robbers will spot us from the top, ”

Breaking his silence, Aiya, even if the robbers can see us, they can fly down meh ? ” Eric cannot tahan anymore.

“ unless they have absailing equipments, absail down & attack us ! ”

“ OK, ok !! ok.……ok, OK ”

“There are two exits through this orchard, one will be right down the orchard, the other will be out to Bukit Mas.”

After being with the Paramedic team and the Police on the day of the accident, I learned a new route of exiting through Bukit Mas.

" Better to go by Bukit Mas way, just in case the robbers gave up the challenging trail in their persuit of us and waited at the exit of the orchard to have an easy way to rob all our belonging, " I cautioned.

After some distance of some very steep slopes here & there in the orchard,

" my stomach cramped, " one lamented, looking fatigue & suffered a little shaking on the knees.

We gave him a refill when reached the hut in the orchard, and offered him some banana cake.

" I am alright, it's ok, water will do, I don't want the cake. "

We continue for about 15-20 minutes,

“ I can see the houses from here,”

“Ya, Ya, we are almost there…..”

" Almost there ?…"

' Almost there ! "

Almost …

Eric’s mobile rang, “ Tell the three boys, I am with their two friends, they are OK and we are almost reaching the foothill at the Klang Gate entrance. ” must be Uncle Chong.

It was then, all of them yelled in ectasy !!

“ OMG !!!! OMG !!!!!!! it’s so nice to step on the tar road. ”

“Will you come again ? ”

“Sure !!! ”

At home, Amelia asked, “ Mummy, where is the police ? ”

“Oh………The Police ? ”

" yaaaaaaa, The Police. "

" Oh…. The police, ya, the police ?......ah.....ah..... will be in mummy's next blog posting...........

" Where do you draw the line between precaution & paranoid ? "

" Where ???? "

" Between The Police & The Robbers. 111 "

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