Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Friendship Is To Me

Lee Lee and I share a special bonding since our childhood friendship.

We value family, friendship and appreciate teachers as well as openness in our friendship.

We may not meet as often as we like to, due to family commitments, living in separate locations in the city, busy in earning a decent living, but we keep this special bond of friendship close to our heart by calling each other from time to time.

Come Teacher’s day every year, as far as I can remember, for the past few many years, we have been calling each other , reminding one another to make a call to our teachers to wish them a Happy Teacher’s Day.

We had a chance to meet and when one of our primary school classmate, came back from US to visit his family in 2006, he too shares a desire to meet some teachers whom we have fond memories with.

Thus, we put our head together, do some friend search to find our classmates and networking , we ended up in Malacca in Teacher Fung & Teacher Lim ‘s house.

There was excitement, nostalgic moments and we had a good time reminiscing childhood memories.

Came 2009 teacher day, I suggested to Lee Lee to do something different from what we have been doing ,I suggested besides calling the the teacher to wish them Happy teacher’s day, we will share our experience in appreciating teachers, in the hope that others can learn to give an encouragement to their teacher as well.

Lee Lee has responded so well to my suggestion and she wrote me an article, which I should have posted it before the teacher’s day on May 16, 2009. However, somehow ...............thus the delay until now, well it’s never too late than never ………..

Besides calling the teachers to wish them Happy Teacher's Day, this is what was done..............and i tressure it near to my heart.

To be continued..

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