Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mountain Climbing N Friendship

Mountain Climbing provides a unique opportunity to
foster relationship and build friendship.

Though trekkers may trek through the same path to get to the same destination,

( Click on picture above, to see a beautiful treks of a hill in Broga, Semenyih besides a Chinese temple. )

But how each of them trek through the journey, one will differs from the other.

( Click on the picture to see Broga Hill in Semenyih, Kajang Selangor )

True nature of relationship evolves and friendship is fostered, when people cross path with each other.

This is especially so during long trekking trip, that requires group members to solve the challenges over unexpected incidences that may happen in the jungles and mountains, some within the trekker's control and some outside the trekkers' control.

When people of different temperament, characters and thoughts comes together, and see things differently, as well as behaves differently, you can be quite sure to be shocked, and disbelief to know that the friend that we always see, has another side of them that we have never known at all.

To sum up, friendship is so tangible that you feel the warmth and the joy when sharing in tears and laughter.

Friendship can be view as intangible, just like the wind, once it has gone pass, you don't know how to find it back.

To carry on the mountain climbing journey, the trekkers sometime need to

...say sorry if you have to and when there is a need to, cry if that helps to release tension,

...stop crying you must, to move yourself forward, continue the trekking journey ahead.

Say forgive me to the person you hurt, and say i forgive you to the person who hurts you if that's what makes up of a friendship.

Its is no big deal if you get hurt, be real and trust again, little by little, get heal while passing through the journey, open your heart to someone who can help.

Unlearn any wrong, learn a new way to love, to cherish, and to appreciate so that the trekking journey will be pleasant along the way until everyone and you reach the destination.

The sun rises, the sun goes down, everyday,

( Click to see Sunrise in Broga Hill Semenyih )

But it is not everyday the sun rises, with a clear defined yolk.

The second, the minutes, and the hours still ticks away whether you like it or not.

Even if the sunrise is not beautiful, and the rain causes inconvenience.

whether you trek in jungle or in life, there will be another day call tomorrow, that we have exchange a day of our life with it.

I am just so convince that mountain climbing & trekking provides a unique opportunity to foster friendship.

Varieties, is what it is, making life more interesting and meaningful.


dannie chOOng said...

very well said ! good thoughts...

Shiek Eng Meng said...

Nowadays Bukit Broga is so popular. There are so many people on weekends. Was there yesterday and I estimated there were over 150 cars there. The palm estate were full with cars and many cars were forced to park along the side of the road.

On top of the hill, there are just too many people ... traffic up and down were quite troublesome.

And worse, some irresponsible people just discard rubbish everywhere. We have to clean up after them.

သဥၨာ - Thinzar said...

wow..what an amazing sunrise photo that u captured!!! :)